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The President's Analyst Reviews

Though it's now somewhat dated, at the time of its release this picture was a mostly on-the-mark satire of American culture and international politics in the 1960s. Coburn plays a psychiatrist who serves his country as the analyst for the president of the United States. It isn't long before some in the government become concerned about what Coburn has learned in this position, and he's marked for assassination. However, other nations figure Coburn might be able to supply them with valuable information, and soon agents from around the globe are tracking the hapless psychiatrist. Among those in pursuit are American agent Cambridge, his longtime friend and adversary Russian agent Darden, and Arte Johnson and Martin Horsey as a couple of humorless "FBR" agents. Mindless bureaucracy, Cold War mentality, blind liberalism, and psychoanalysis are spoofed in this fast-paced comedy.