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The Men's Club Reviews

It would be very hard to find seven brides for the seven "brothers" in this long-winded attempt at masculinism. A septet of men get together, talk forever about women, jobs, women, politics, women, emotions, women, secrets, and women. The group meets at the home of Berkeley shrink Kramer (Richard Jordan). They include Cavanaugh (Roy Scheider), an ex-major-leaguer who is now an administrator in the athletic department at Cal; Solly (Harvey Keitel), a high-powered real estate man; Phillip (David Dukes), a professor; Terry (Treat Williams), a physician who lives for pleasure; Harold (Frank Langella), a gentle attorney with a bizarre sexual fetish; and Paul (Craig Wasson), who likes to light up a joint and just listen. Director Peter Medak and screenwriter Leonard Michaels (working from his own novel) apparently tried to make a film like THE BIG CHILL for mature men, but the stagy result of their efforts will leave viewers cold. All of the characters are so broadly drawn that they become laughable, rather than interesting.