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Showdown Reviews

After being involved in a fight along a Mexican border town, Murphy and Drake are chained to a post. They manage to escape along with some other prisoners led by outlaw Stone. After grabbing $12,000 worth of stolen securities, the pair flee but are soon caught by Stone. Murphy is held by the badman while his partner must go to town and try to cash in the securities. He gives the securities to his former girl friend, dance hall girl Crowley, instead and comes back with nothing. Stone becomes furious and lets Murphy go after the woman to get the money. Crowley tells Murphy that Drake's gambling is the reason she must work at her lowly job and reluctantly gives the money to Murphy. However, she follows him to the hiding place. Drake tries to save both her and his pal from Stone, but is killed for his efforts. The two survivors escape, and Stone follows. But Murphy kills him in the end and settles down with Crowley. Plenty of hard riding action here, all directed with effectiveness. But the results are pretty routine fare aimed at a generation raised on TV cowboys. Jones, who plays a small role as one of Stone's henchmen, later directed the science fiction cult film A BOY AND HIS DOG.