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I'm With Lucy Reviews

This passable romantic comedy about a woman juggling five dreamboats shoots itself in the foot by cluttering the story with three suitors too many. In flashback, we accompany neurotic, New York City single Lucy (Monica Potter) through the minefield of contemporary dating. We know she's getting married, but we don't which of five candidates she chose. Soft-spoken, divorced Doug (John Hannah) overlooks the fact that Lucy got smashed before their blind date. Playboy playwright Gabriel (Gael Garcia Bernal) is impressed with the article she's written about him and sweet talks Lucy into bed. Mets star Bobby (Anthony LaPaglia) is more preoccupied with fan recognition than courting Lucy, but obsessive-compulsive computer-store owner Barry (Henry Thomas) seems to be suitable marriage material. Unfortunately, he doesn't impress Lucy half as much as he does her parents. Having lost hope of finding Mr. Right, Lucy takes a Miami vacation, where her Valentine suddenly appears in the form of Luke (David Boreanaz), who's got both chiseled good looks and a lucrative gig refurbishing houses. Best of all, he proposes. But has Luke's movie star facade clouded Lucy's judgment about her other prospects back in NYC? Barry tries to woo her with home movies spliced together to emphasize their similar childhoods, but doesn't sweep Lucy off her feet like Luke. This self-conscious Cinderella will have to find the smarts to select the real Prince Charming out of her cornucopia of candidates. Clone star Potter looks a little like Julia Roberts and sounds more like her, but doesn't have Roberts's throwaway charm. Like the film overall Potter always seems to be trying too hard, fussing over screwball comedy situations that have been kicking around since the 1930s.