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Howard the Duck Reviews

It would be indefensible to label HOWARD THE DUCK the worst big-budget movie ever made, so let's just designate it one of the worst big-budget movies ever made. The film is based on the cult comic created by Gerber. If writers Huyck and Katz had only followed the witty, irreverent comic-book adventures, they might have produced a movie with some merit. We first meet the fowl-mouthed waddler in his life on Duck World, a planet where he is just an ordinary bird. He's an advertising copywriter, drinks beer, chomps on cigars, and likes reading "Playduck" magazine. As a result of the work of a laser scientist, Howard is ripped out of this existence and winds up on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio. Laser scientist Jones suddenly changes into an evil being who has been mistakenly brought to earth, the Dark Overlord of the Universe, and Howard has to save the world. There are a couple of mildly amusing moments, but overall HOWARD THE DUCK is a monumental waste of time. Everyone concerned with this should have been seated on a ducking stool and drenched.