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Zane Grey Theatre Season 3 Episodes

29 Episodes 1958 - 1959

Episode 1

Trail to Nowhere

Thu, Oct 2, 1958 30 mins

Barbara Stanwyck portrays vindictive Julie Holman, who has sworn to avenge her husband's murder. Larker: David Janssen. Carl: Paul Genge. Dick Powell is the host.

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Episode 2

The Scaffold

Thu, Oct 9, 1958 30 mins

Dick Powell portrays Sheriff Conners, who's determined to stop a lynch mob and bring a killer to trial. Hart: Paul Richards. Mrs. Hart: Virginia Christine. Rose: Joan Taylor. Herb: Willard Sage.

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Episode 3


Thu, Oct 23, 1958 30 mins

A bank refuses a poor farmer's request for a loan, so he decides to take what he needs. Larkin: Lloyd Nolan. Ellen: Judith Ames.

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Episode 4

The Accuser

Thu, Oct 30, 1958 30 mins

David Niven stars as a man whose efforts to console a widow are misinterpreted by her son. Widow: Gail Kobe. Son: Malcolm Broderick. Deputy: Chris Alcaide.

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Episode 5

Legacy of a Legend

Thu, Nov 6, 1958 30 mins

Lee J. Cobb portrays a drifter who claims he's a famous lawman of the past. Marshal: John Dehner. Pete: J. Pat O'Malley. Parker: Frank Ferguson. Deputy: John Pickard. Dick Powell is the host of the series.

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Episode 6

To Sit in Judgment

Thu, Nov 13, 1958 30 mins

After Sheriff Parney (Robert Ryan) hangs an outlaw, he faces the vengeance of the man's sons. Jamie: John Washbrook. Robert: Dean Stanton. Spawn: Michael Pate. Mrs. Parney: Betsy Jones-Moreland. Mary: Jean Inness. Dick Powell is host.

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Episode 7

The Tall Shadow

Thu, Nov 20, 1958 30 mins

Linc Hardaway (John Ericson) is the prime suspect when his successful father is murdered. Hardaway: Steve Darrell. Nora: Julie Adams. Ames: Brad Dexter. Pogue: Sean McClory. Vern Mitchell: Don Durand.

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Episode 8

The Vaunted

Thu, Nov 27, 1958 30 mins

Ellie Matson's concerned: her son is beginning to idolize his outlaw father. Jess Matson: Eddie Albert. Ellie: Jane Greer. Ted: Mickey Braddock. Grandma: Kathryn Card. Marshal: Richard Shannon. Hicks: Richard Newton.

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Episode 9

Pressure Point

Thu, Dec 4, 1958 30 mins

Walter Pidgeon portrays Jess Clark, a blinded lawman who's learning to shoot by sound. Crowley: Walter Sande. Fowler: Raymond Bailey. Newland: Carl Benton Reid.

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Episode 10

Bury Him Dead

Wed, Jul 5, 2017 30 mins

A wanted criminal disrupts the serenity of ranch life for Kathy and Jed Lorimer. Fleeing from justice, the criminal decides to take Kathy with him.

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Episode 11

Let the Man Die

Thu, Dec 18, 1958 30 mins

Dr. Reynolds (Dick Powell) has a terrible choice: his son's future happiness depends on the death of Reynolds' patient. Mrs. Reynolds: Marsha Hunt. Nick: Ralph Reed. Akins: Brent King. Menken: John Hoyt.

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Episode 12

Medal for Valor

Thu, Dec 25, 1958 30 mins

David Manning served in the Civil War in another man's place, but can't prove it. Manning: Richard Basehart. Kate: June Dayton. Adam: Richard Anderson. Rufus: Paul Fix.

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Episode 13

Living Is a Lonesome Thing

Thu, Jan 1, 1959 30 mins

Grant Coburn's dilemma: save an innocent man's life---or kill his own son, an outlaw. Grant: Michael Rennie. Vance: Michael Landon. Jeb: Walter Sande. Greeve: Dennis Patrick. Harney: Fred Ford. O'Toole: Ben Morris.

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Episode 14

Day of the Killing

Thu, Jan 8, 1959 30 mins

Sheriff Jonas Sutton (Paul Douglas) wrestles with his conscience as he trails a murderer who once saved his son's life. Roy: Peter Breck. Calder: John Litel. Watley: Jonathan Hole. Sutton: Ricky Murray.

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Episode 15

Hang the Heart High

Thu, Jan 15, 1959 30 mins

A disaffected wife (Barbara Stanwyck) woos a gunman in the hope of persuading him to kill her husband. Porter: David Janssen. Moore: Paul Richards. Barrett: Lane Bradford. Serafina: Margarita Cordova.

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Episode 16

Welcome Home a Stranger

Thu, Jan 22, 1959 30 mins

After the Civil War, a lawman returns home, only to meet bitterness from his former friends. Sanderson: Dick Powell. Roy: James Drury. Richards: Torin Thatcher. Fullerton: Frank Albertson. Drifter: Loren Grey.

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Episode 17

Trail Incident

Thu, Jan 29, 1959 30 mins

A spoiled child becomes pure trouble when cowhands rescue him. Charlie: Cameron Mitchell. Andy: John Ericson. Peter: Tim Considine. Duncan: Dennis Cross. Brannigan: Paul Jasmin. Loco: Michael Hinn. Dick Powell is the host of the series.

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Episode 18

Make It Look Good

Thu, Feb 5, 1959 30 mins

Sam Carter (Arthur Kennedy) refuses his share of some stolen money, inadvertently putting his wife in jeopardy. Doud: Parley Baer. Jenny: Jacqueline Scott.

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Episode 19

A Thread of Respect

Thu, Feb 12, 1959 30 mins

An immigrant tailor (Danny Thomas) refuses to defend himself against a town's cruelty. George: Nick Adams. Jess: James Coburn. Seth: Denver Pyle. Link: Tommy Cook. Til Crow: Chuck Courtney. Nate: Jim Beck.

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Episode 20


Thu, Feb 19, 1959 30 mins

Framed for robbery, an ex-con (Van Johnson) is involved in a bizarre jail break. Stover: Bing Russell. Perry: Harry Townes. Lamont: Grant Withers. Tom: Paul Langton. Kayler: Jan Stine. Judge: John Zaremba.

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Episode 21

The Last Raid

Thu, Feb 26, 1959 30 mins

Fernando Lamas and Rita Moreno star in a story of robbery, kidnapping and treachery. McVeigh: William Reynolds. Panchito: Michael Davis. Cota: Abel Fernandez. Manuel: Peter Coe. Ignacio: Michael Morgan. Tores: Rodolfo Hoyos. Dick Powell is the host.

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Episode 22

The Loner AKA Man Alone

Thu, Mar 5, 1959 30 mins

A ridiculous old derelict is made a deputy. Thomas: Thomas Mitchell. Lora: Marilyn Erskine. Evans: Scott Forbes. Ringo: Don Durant. Pat: Roy Barcroft. Cross: Duane Grey.

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Episode 23

Hanging Fever

Thu, Mar 12, 1959 30 mins

Sam Walston and his vigilantes ride after a murder suspect. Walston: Frank Lovejoy. Margaret: Beverly Garland. Stopes: Harry Lauter. Lathrop: Patrick McVey. Cooper: Charles Fredericks. Marker: Walter Burke. Holmes: John Harmon.

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Episode 24

Trouble at Tres Cruces

Thu, Mar 26, 1959 30 mins

Dave Blassingame (Brian Keith) returns home after many years to find his only relative killed and his family's land seized. Nick Karafus: Neville Brand. Miguel: Miguel Pate. Ysidro: Frank Silvera. Marga: Elsa Cardenas. Hardin: Brad Johnson.

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Episode 25


Thu, Apr 2, 1959 30 mins

A Confederate soldier seeks refuge at his father's farm. Victor: Edward G. Robinson Jr. Michael: Robert Blake. Lieutenant: John Hackett. Crowder: Dan Barton.

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Episode 26

The Sunrise Gun

Thu, Apr 16, 1959 30 mins

One-time gunslinger Johnny Sunrise (Everett Sloane) plots revenge on a former enemy. Danny: Dennis Hopper. Duskin: Ben Cooper. Greening: Karl Swenson. Sheriff: Bill Henry. Bain: Dave Willock. Doc: Frank Faylen.

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Episode 27


Thu, Apr 30, 1959 30 mins

A disabled bank teller (James Whitmore) is implicated in robbery and murder. Dr. Martin: Marsha Hunt. Pendelton: Mark Miller. Roarke: Dabbs Greer. Keeler: Richard Karlin. Scott: William Schallert.

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Episode 28

Mission to Marathon

Thu, May 14, 1959 30 mins

An Army major is missing. Sent to locate him is a man who was dishonorably discharged from service. Gil: Mark Richman. Meredith: Stephen McNally. Samuels: John McIntire. Scobie: Robert Cornthwaite.

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Episode 29

The Law and the Gun

Thu, Jun 4, 1959 30 mins

On the trail of a fugitive couple: an embittered lawman and a calculating bounty hunter. Fitzgerald: Michael Ansara. Welker: Lyle Bettger. Crago: John Carr. Kitty: Pamela Lincoln. Murphy: Don Diamond.

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