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Wells Fargo Season 6 Episodes

34 Episodes 1961 - 1962

Episode 1

Casket 73

Sat, Sep 30, 1961 30 mins

Ex-Confederate soldiers steal a casket that's filled with money. Justin: Howard Keel. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Christine: Suzanne Lloyd. Beau: Jack Ging. Grey Man: Torin Thatcher. Jeb: William Demarest. Ovie: Virginia Christine. Tina: Lory Patrick.

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Episode 2

The Dodger

Sat, Oct 7, 1961 30 mins

Hardie (Dale Robertson) is marked for murder by a man (Philip Carey) he sent to prison. Beau: Jack Ging. Rake: Claude Akins. Jeb: William Demarest. Sheriff: Stevan Darrell. Clerk: Jon Lormer. Tiny: Lory Patrick.

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Episode 3

Treasure Coach

Sat, Oct 14, 1961 30 mins

Bandit Billy Brigode (Robert Vaughn) redeems himself by protecting stagecoach passengers from other outlaws. Beau: Jack Ging. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Lydia: Pat Crowley. Cobb: J. Pat O'Malley. M'Liss: Shari Lee Bernath. Frances: Jocelyn Brando.

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Episode 4

Death Raffle

Sat, Oct 21, 1961 30 mins

Ex-safecracker Davie Hewitt (Gary Clarke), stranded in Gloribee, is a robbery suspect. Jessamie: Benneye Gatteys. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Beau: Jack Ging. Jeb: William Demarest. Ben: Kelly Thordson. Steger: Gregg Palmer. Dutch: Grant Sullivan. Banker: Charles Tannen. Sam: Paul Bryar. Ovie: Virginia Christine.

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Episode 5


Sat, Oct 28, 1961 30 mins

Beau, attempting to negotiate a stage route through Indian territory, falls in love with a woman.

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Episode 6

Mr. Mute

Sat, Nov 4, 1961 30 mins

Mr. Mute (Vito Scotti), a famous clown, performs in Gloribee---unaware that crooks have hidden money in his trunk. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Jeb: William Demarest. LaPorte: Lyle Bettger. Beau: Jack Ging. Hull: Lane Bradford. Ernie: Chubby Johnson. Dorcas: Ron Soble. Tina: Lory Patrick. Ovie: Virginia Christine.

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Episode 7


Sat, Nov 11, 1961 30 mins

Hardie (Dale Robertson) tracks down an outlaw (Albert Salmi) who was once a close friend. Amelia: Nancy Gates. Beau: Jack Ging. Serafina: Margarita Cordova. Jody: Bryan Russell. Karen: Jennifer Gillespie. Shelby: Joseph Ruskin. Martin: Joe Brown. Donner: Steve Warren. Breck: X Brands.

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Episode 8

A Fistful of Pride

Sat, Nov 18, 1961 30 mins

Bonzo (Eddie Albert), a has-been boxer, agrees to fight a reigning champion (Ed Nelson) in a winner-take-all match. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Ovie: Virginia Christine. Lucy: Barbara Stuart. Cindy: Gina Gillespie. Dooley: David White. Carson: H.M. Wynant. Willis: Dennis McCarthy. Beau: Jack Ging. Jeb: William Demarest.

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Episode 9

Defiant at the Gate

Sat, Nov 25, 1961 30 mins

Double-crossing outlaw Matt Blackner (Tom Tully) is hunted down by members of his gang. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Narcissa: Gloria Talbott. Beau: Jack Ging. Biscayne: Nesdon Booth. Deacon: Frank Ferguson.

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Episode 10

Man of Another Breed

Sat, Dec 2, 1961 30 mins

Beau (Jack Ging) and Hardie (Dale Robertson) pursue two thieves who murdered an elderly station agent. Kate: Debra Paget. Caleb: Robert Middleton. Buck: Tom Gilson. Arly: Dee Pollack. Norris: Wright King. Dane: Willis Bouchey. Hostess: Ina Victor.

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Episode 11

Kelly's Clover Girls

Sat, Dec 9, 1961 30 mins

Outlaws try to prevent three saloon dancers, en route to a murder trial, from reaching their destination. Kelly: Virginia Field. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Molly: Dawn Wells. Sunset: Lisa Gaye. Kalo: Michael Pate. Beau: Jack Ging. Fragg: Hank Patterson. Jeb: William Demarest. Benson: Earl Hansen.

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Episode 12

A Killing in Calico

Sat, Dec 16, 1961 30 mins

Jamie Coburn (Dean Jones), an outlaw-turned-stool pigeon, is marked for murder by his old gang. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Beau: Jack Ging. Beaker: John Larch. Theresa: Patricia Breslin. Wolf: George Brenlin.

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Episode 13

New Orleans Trackdown

Sat, Dec 23, 1961 30 mins

Hardie (Dale Robertson) goes after a thief who stole a diamond necklace. Madeleine: Isobel Elsom. Manfred: Wilton Graff. Beau: Jack Ging. Roger: Henry Brandt. Stone: Mauritz Hugo. Asher: Robert Bailey.

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Episode 14


Sat, Dec 30, 1961 30 mins

Hardie (Dale Robertson) pursues a young outlaw to a bandit hide-out. Frank: Leo Gordon. Wally: Richard Rust. Jeb: William Demarest. Devers: John Cliff. Taggert: Morgan Woodward. Sheriff: Stevan Darrell. Ron: Ed Mallory. Ovie: Virginia Christine. Tina: Lory Patrick. Mary Gee: Mary Jayne Saunders.

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Episode 15


Sat, Jan 6, 1962 30 mins

An ex-Mexican governor (George Dolenz), pursued by Emperor Maximilian's men, seeks U.S. refuge in the 1850s---with a fortune in gold. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Carla: Anna Navarro. Paralta: Michael Ansara. Navarro: Rodolfo Hoyos. Scorpio: Baynes Barron. Lucera: Larry Chance. Tim: Frank Gerstle. Travers: Vinton Hayworth.

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Episode 16

Return to Yesterday

Sat, Jan 13, 1962 30 mins

Opera star Ella Congreve (Diane Foster) must choose between Hardie's love and her career. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Jeb: William Demarest. Bowen: Lew Gallo. Congreve: Addison Richards. Agnes: Yvette Vickers. Clerk: Phil Chambers. Sheriff: Stevan Darrell. Strickland: Jason Robards Sr. Siggett: William Challee. McQuire: Phil Tully.

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Episode 17

Reward for Gaine

Sat, Jan 20, 1962 30 mins

Three soldiers held for murder are victims of their commanding officer's unprovoked attack on Indians. Gaine: John Doucette. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Kill Eagle: John War Eagle. Bledsoe: John Anderson. Tina: Lory Patrick.

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Episode 18

Assignment in Gloribee

Sat, Jan 27, 1962 30 mins

George Kennedy is featured in this yarn about a female writer who becomes involved with an outlaw (Rod Cameron). Katherine: Patricia Owens. Jed: William Demarest. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Shankford: Stafford Repp.

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Episode 19

Incident at Crossbow

Sat, Feb 3, 1962 30 mins

Stagecoach passengers are held captive by outlaws at a Wells Fargo station. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Flo: Dara Howard. King: Robert Sampson. Perry: Russell Thorson. Hondo: Hal Baylor. Case: Allen Jaffe. Storey: Dan Sheridan. Toole: Sean McClory.

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Episode 20

Portrait of Teresa

Sat, Feb 10, 1962 30 mins

A Mexican girl and her American lover are terrorized by the girl's jilted fiance (Simon Oakland). Akins: Arthur Franz. Teresa: Georgette Duval. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Jeb: William Demarest. Mary Gee: Mary Jayne Saunders. Ovie: Virginia Christine. Tina: Lory Patrick. Miguel: George Keymas.

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Episode 21

Hometown Doctor

Sat, Feb 17, 1962 30 mins

Wells Fargo refuses to deliver a herd of cattle until a vet can certify them. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Wilson: Richard Long. Jeb: William Demarest. Gloria: Nina Shipman. Stringer: Ken Scott. Cross: George Wallace.

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Episode 22

The Traveler

Sat, Feb 24, 1962 30 mins

Schoolteacher Brad Axton (Jack Warden) comes to Gloribee and wins over the town---until his past is revealed. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Sunderman: Ken Mayer. Morgan: Warren Kemmerling. Andrews: Tyler McVey. Lee: Chuck Roberson. Clerk: Phil Chambers. Mrs. Reeves: Dorothy Lovett.

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Episode 23

Winter Storm

Sat, Mar 3, 1962 30 mins

Jeb, Hardie and Tina, caught in a mountain blizzard, spend a terrifying night in a "ghost town." Blake: Dan Duryea. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Jeb: William Demarest. Tina: Lory Patrick. Hanson: R.G. Armstrong. Pierce: Jim Beck. Kelly: Eddie Firestone. Ruth: Gale Garnett. Tom: Boyd Stockman.

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Episode 24


Sat, Mar 17, 1962 30 mins

Tina (Lory Patrick) thinks Chuck Evans can help her escape from her dull life as a teacher. Chuck: Burt Brinckerhoff. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Joe: Andy Albin. Whipple: Phil Chambers. Jeb: William Demarest. Clegg: Donald Elsom. Ovie: Virginia Christine.

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Episode 25

Who Lives by the Gun

Sat, Mar 24, 1962 30 mins

Maxon (Paul Birch) and Hardie (Dale Robertson) try to prevent a young boy from becoming an outlaw. Jeff: Bart Patton. Emily: Judith Evelyn. Finley: Howard Wright. Gage: John Alderson. Peggy: Kathie Browne. Tolly: Rex Holman. Reynolds: John Archer.

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Episode 26

To Kill a Town

Sat, Mar 31, 1962 30 mins

Hardie (Dale Robertson) and his prisoner fight off gunmen who want to kill them both. Reese: Buddy Ebsen. Normalie: Russell Johnson. Moore: Peter Helm. Clarissa: Joan Staley. Pete: Harry Lauter.

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Episode 27

End of a Minor God

Sat, Apr 7, 1962 30 mins

Stagecoach passengers, including a notorious gunfighter (Lin McCarthy), are menaced by outlaws. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Lorry: Eileen Ryan. Fullen: Jan Merlin. Riddle: Robert J. Stevenson. Grieg: William Schallert. Enders: Richard Tyler. Sheriff: Stevan Darrell.

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Episode 28

Remember the Yazoo

Sat, Apr 14, 1962 30 mins

Gunman Sam Heffridge (James Westerfield) has been bailed out of jail---by a robber seeking an ally. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Jeb: William Demarest. Boaz: Robert Cornthwaite. Barnett: Jonathan Kidd. Decatur: Alan Napier. Annette Decatur: Jeanne Bal.

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Episode 29

The Angry Sky

Sat, Apr 21, 1962 30 mins

A mule driver's wife and child are kidnapped by outlaws. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Swede: Arch Johnson. Marie: Fay Spain. Jensen: James Griffith. Rossi: Robert Colbert. Helen: Anne Barton.

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Episode 30

Royal Maroon

Sat, Apr 28, 1962 30 mins

An aspiring actress (Kathleen Crowley) becomes the dupe of bandits. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Jeb: William Demarest. Brian: Harold J. Stone. Sledge: Frank Ferguson. Logan: Ron Foster. Ovie: Virginia Christine. Fergus: Charles Seel. Sheriff: Ken Lynch.

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Episode 31

The Gold Witch

Sat, May 5, 1962 30 mins

Two sideshow hypnotists use their powers to fleece a gold-mine owner (Alan Hale). Hardie: Dale Robertson. Reardon: Ron Randell. Ruth: Diana Millay. Charlie: Whit Bissell. Jeb: William Demarest. Ovie: Virginia Christine. Mary Sue: Claire Carleton. Tina: Lory Patrick. Elizabeth: Gail Bonney.

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Episode 32

Don't Wake a Tiger

Sat, May 12, 1962 30 mins

Two vengeful brothers hold their former jailer captive in a barbed-wire enclosure. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Jonus: Jim Davis. Mapes: Royal Dano. Sheriff: Kelly Thordsen. Davie: Gary Clarke. Helen: Marjorie Reynolds. Deputy: Harp McGuire. Sharp: Tom Greenway. Cooper: William Tannen.

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Episode 33

The Wayfarers

Sat, May 19, 1962 30 mins

Bandits Ben Crider (James Coburn) and Ada Parker (Roxanne Berard) flee to Mexico---with Hardie hot on their trail. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Adams: Hugh Marlowe. Grace: June Vincent. Parmalee: Robert Ellenstein. Maxon: Robert Bray. Morin: Alex Montoya.

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Episode 34

Vignette of a Sinner

Sat, Jun 2, 1962 30 mins

Banker Les Caldwell (Jeff Morrow) attempts a "perfect" crime---the theft of $100,000 from his own bank. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Jeb: William Demarest. Rachel: Joyce Taylor. Kramm: William Mims. Bell: Edward C. Platt. Sheriff: James Craig. Rockaway: Sam Gilman. Michael: Dean Smith.

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