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Wells Fargo Season 2 Episodes

38 Episodes 1957 - 1958

Episode 1

Belle Starr

Mon, Sep 9, 1957 30 mins

Hardie trails the infamous Belle Starr and her gang. Belle: Jeanne Cooper. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Duck: George Keymas. July: Edmund Hashim. Conductor: Harry Ivens.

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Episode 2

Two Cartridges

Mon, Sep 16, 1957 30 mins

Hardie (Dale Robertson) has to fend off an Indian attack and retain his prisoner at the same time. Jim Davis, Harry Harvey Sr.

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Episode 3

Apache Gold

Mon, Sep 23, 1957 30 mins

Hardie searches for a lost teenager---in Apache territory. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Knudsen: Michael Healy. Schaeffer: John Litel. Cartwright: John Dennis.

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Episode 4

John Wesley Hardin

Mon, Sep 30, 1957 30 mins

Gunman John Wesley Hardin is out to kill Hardie (Dale Robertson). Hardin: Lyle Bettger. Sheriff: Frank Ferguson. Adams: Robert Foulk. Lambert: Dick Forester.

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Episode 5

The Target

Mon, Oct 7, 1957 30 mins

To trap the notorious Clanton gang, Hardie sets himself up as a target. Clanton: Barton MacLane. Ike: Paul Henderson. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Jenny: Eilene Janssen.

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Episode 6

The Feud

Mon, Oct 14, 1957 30 mins

The Brundages and the McCleods are feuding---and Hardie's in the middle. Sam: King Donovan. Blake: Ted de Corsia. Martha: Jackie Blanchard. John: House Peters Jr. Will: Ron Hagerthy. Hardie: Dale Robertson.

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Episode 7

Billy the Kid

Mon, Oct 21, 1957 30 mins

Robert Vaughn stars as Billy the Kid, blamed for a stagecoach robbery despite a witness's testimony. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Wallace: Addison Richards.

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Episode 8

The Auction

Mon, Oct 28, 1957 30 mins

Hardie's suspicious of an old suitcase at an auction: two men are bidding a fortune for it. Dawson: Edgar Buchanan. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Vivian: Margaret Stewart.

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Episode 9


Mon, Nov 4, 1957 30 mins

Hardie (Dale Robertson) tries to learn why stagecoach robbers took only one thing---a dog. Anderson: Gregg Palmer. Hill: Don Biddle. Sally: Penny Edwards.

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Episode 10

Man in the Box

Mon, Nov 11, 1957 30 mins

Hardie suspects an old lady in the theft of a strongbox. Sissy: Beverly Wills. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Sonny: Robert Jordan. Lenny: Sheb Wooley. Benson: Lane Bradford.

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Episode 11

The Kid

Mon, Nov 18, 1957 30 mins

Michael Landon stars as a Fargo messenger accused of murder. Lyons: John Pickard. Julie: Eilene Janssen. Taylor: Monte Blue. Hardie: Dale Robertson.

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Episode 12

Barbary Coast

Mon, Nov 25, 1957 30 mins

Hardie's assignment: protect a jade shipment from San Francisco pirates. Kalker: Frank Albertson. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Helen: Jean Willes. Twitch: George Berkeley. Turnbell: Paul Newlan. Vance: Charles Tannen.

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Episode 13

Ride with a Killer

Mon, Dec 2, 1957 30 mins

Hardie's on double duty, hunting a robber and testing a new Fargo employee. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Handsfelt: Robert Jordan. Ben: Bob Woodward. Workman: Lane Bradford.

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Episode 14

The Inscrutable Man

Mon, Dec 9, 1957 30 mins

Hardie intervenes when the man who identified a killer is ostracized by the townspeople. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Glory: Carolyn Craig. McKay: Will J. White. Bolliver: Barry Kelley. Mrs. Harper: Kathleen Mulqueen.

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Episode 15

The General

Mon, Dec 16, 1957 30 mins

Hardie rides with a bigoted general (Paul Fix) on a mission to quell a Sioux uprising. Jennings: Whit Bissell. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Anne: Jane Nigh.

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Episode 16


Mon, Dec 23, 1957 30 mins

Wanted: gun smugglers. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Armand: Rodolfo Hoyos. Flavin: Louis Zito. Morley: Robert Bice. Pepito: Carlos Vera.

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Episode 17

The Witness

Mon, Dec 30, 1957 30 mins

A very questionable character claims he's the only witness to a robbery in which an innocent bystander was killed. Frank: William Henry. Jed: Tyler McDuff. Burns: Paul Engle. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Sharon: Gloria Henry.

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Episode 18

Doc Bell

Tue, Jan 7, 1958 30 mins

Hardie tries to find a prisoner's hidden loot. Bell: Edward Platt. Curly: Jim Bannon. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Tibbs: Richard Reeves.

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Episode 19

Stage West

Mon, Jan 13, 1958 30 mins

Hardie (Dale Robertson) runs into opposition as he escorts a girl to testify at a politician's trial. Ellen: Darlene Fields. Gerson: Stafford Repp. Brady: John Casson.

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Episode 20

Hoss Tamer

Mon, Jan 20, 1958 30 mins

Hardie tries to find work for a man who helped him on a robbery case. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Randall: Walter Coy. Farland: Chuck Courtney. Binks: Charles Wagenheim.

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Episode 21

Hide Jumpers

Mon, Jan 27, 1958 30 mins

Hardie's after outlaws who stole a shipment of buffalo hides. Weeley: Guy Wilkerson. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Thompson: Jimmy Gavin.

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Episode 22

The Walking Mountain

Mon, Feb 3, 1958 30 mins

Hardie (Dale Robertson) investigates reports of a gold hijacking.

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Episode 23

Bill Longley

Mon, Feb 10, 1958 30 mins

Steve McQueen stars as an outlaw trailing the same bandit that Hardie (Dale Robertson) is after. Marge: Jacqueline Holt. Evans: Steve Rowland. Jones: Ken Christy.

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Episode 24

The Prisoner

Mon, Feb 17, 1958 30 mins

Hardie's quarry: two outlaws who kidnapped a U.S. senator. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Senator: Harvey Stephens. Dawson: Edgar Buchanan. Red: Robert Armstrong.

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Episode 25

Dr. Alice

Sun, Feb 23, 1958 30 mins

Outlaws force Dr. Alice MacCauley (Diane Brewster) to treat their wounded leader. Bolton: Richard Devon. Driver: Boyd Stockman. Nate: Ward Wood. Ben: Sandy Sanders. Hardie: Dale Robertson.

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Episode 26

The Sooners

Mon, Mar 3, 1958 30 mins

Hardie's case: the disappearance of a Fargo agent sent to stake a claim in Oklahoma. Hunter: Jeff Daley. Darby: Eddie Coch. Hergan: Joey Ashley. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Colonel: Ed Hinton.

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Episode 27

Alias Jim Hardie

Mon, Mar 10, 1958 30 mins

Posing as Hardie, an outlaw with a sense of irony robs the Wells Fargo office. Johnson: Kent Taylor. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Shirley: Rush Williams. Pat: Phyllis Coates.

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Episode 28

The Johnny Ringo Story

Mon, Mar 17, 1958 30 mins

Johnny Ringo (Pau1 Richards) tries desperately to keep his dying sister from finding out that he's an outlaw. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Ruth: June Kirby.

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Episode 29

The Newspaper

Mon, Mar 24, 1958 30 mins

The company has a mean competitor in Effie Sutton (Claire Du Brey). She owns a town and will do anything to keep Wells Fargo out. Sue: Sue George. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Hepburn: Tyler MacDuff. Sayers: Carlyle Mitchell.

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Episode 30

Special Delivery

Mon, Mar 31, 1958 30 mins

Stagecoach passengers depend on Hardie to protect them from hostile Indians. Keel: Robert Lowery. Maynard: Bing Russell. Keener: Jason Johnson. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Kimball: Clark Howat.

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Episode 31


Mon, Apr 7, 1958 30 mins

Hardie aids a man who may be framed for a stagecoach robbery. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Beth: Mari Aldon. Reno: Richard Crane. Stevens: Stewart Bradley.

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Episode 32

The Gun

Mon, Apr 14, 1958 30 mins

Hardie must vindicate himself: the town thinks he shot an innocent man. Mrs. Borkman: Laurie Carroll. Borkman: Clay Randolph. Hardie: Dale Robertson.

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Episode 33

The Reward

Mon, Apr 21, 1958 30 mins

Hardie (Dale Robertson) seeks the murderer of a man scheduled to receive a reward from Wells Fargo. Hank: Hank Worden. June: Marcia Henderson. Chet: Allen Lane. Sam: Earl Sands. Gus: Otto Waldis. Pete: Bill Catching.

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Episode 34

The Pickpocket

Mon, Apr 28, 1958 30 mins

Hardie (Dale Robertson) goes after a pickpocket who has stolen his wallet. Pittman: James Fairfax. Lola: Carole Mathews.

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Episode 35

The Scapegoat

Mon, May 5, 1958 30 mins

An outlaw-turned-teacher finds himself in great demand---as a murder suspect. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Bender: Bruce Bennett. Sheriff: Johnny Mack Brown.

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Episode 36

The Renegade

Mon, May 12, 1958 30 mins

His outlaw family complicates the life of Wells Fargo messenger Charles Mason (John Anderson). Hardie: Dale Robertson. Judd: Walter Maslow. John: Frank Gerstle. Shorty: John Doucette. Muriel: Joyce Meadows.

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Episode 37

The Break

Mon, May 19, 1958 30 mins

Hardie poses as Jesse James to trap a thief. Sawyer: Steven Terrell. Turner: Jack Littlefield. Woodson: Richard Travis. Cass: Mike Masters. Norton: Jack Ingram. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Lund: Gene Roth.

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Episode 38

The Sniper

Mon, May 26, 1958 30 mins

A robbery investigation is complicated by murder. Withers: Olan Soule. Hardie: Dale Robertson. Dorcas: Harold J. Stone. Benson: Robert B. Williams. Mooney: Bill Henry.

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