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The Knights of Prosperity

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Donal Logue
Eugene Gurkin
Maz Jobrani
Gourishankar `Gary' Subramaniam
Sofía Vergara
Esperanza Villalobos

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New Attitude

New Attitude is an American sitcom that aired on ABC in from August to September 1990. Based on the play Beauty Shop by Shelly Garrett, the series aired for six episodes during ABC's TGIF lineup on Fridays.
1990 Comedy, Other

Hannah Gadsby's Nakedy Nudes

1 Season
2018 TVMA Documentary, Comedy, Other


1 Season
A comedy following the topsy-turvy life of Maddie and her friends as they navigate the pandemic, partners, and the new parameters of life, all from the safety of their very own virtual bar.
2020 TVMA Comedy, Other

Have Faith

Have Faith was a short-lived ABC television sitcom that ran for 7 episodes in 1989. The show was about a Catholic parish in a less-than-desirable Chicago neighborhood. In spite of good ratings, ABC decided against commissioning a full season.
1989 Comedy, Other

Walt Disney Presents

7 Seasons
An anthology of serials, documentaries and cartoons from the Disney canon. Perhaps the most famous segments were the 1954-55 'Davy Crockett' stories, featuring Fess Parker as the coonskin-capped hero, which sparked a full-blown national craze (along with a hit record and lots of kids merchandise to go with it). Other popular adventures included 'The Swamp Fox' (with Leslie Nielsen) and 'The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh' (with Patrick McGoohan). Walt Disney hosted the series until his 1966 death.
1954 TVG Family, Comedy, Other

Pushing Daisies

2 Seasons
Few TV producers were more adept at turning Death into a punchline than Bryan Fuller, as witness his cable efforts Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls. Fuller maintained this singular tradition in his first major "over-the-air" series, the seriocomic, semi-fantastic ABC offering Pushing Daisies, which in fact had been originally conceived as a spinoff of Dead Like Me but ended up being developed separately. Lee Pace starred as Ned, who at the tender age of ten discovered that he possessed a rare gift: the ability to bring the dead back to life simply by touching them. Unfortunately, those whom he "resurrected" could only stay alive for 60 seconds, whereupon Ned had to touch them again and send them back to the Other World permanently: if Ned didn't do this within the alotted time-frame, someone else in the near vicinity would have to die in the place of the person he'd revived. As an adult, Ned supported himself with his own piemaking business, which grossed a hefty amount thanks to his ability to invest fruit with substantial flavor merely by touching. He also moonlighted as a partner to private detective Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) and Cod's co-worker Olive Snook (Kristin Chenoweth), enabling Cod to solve murders by bringing the victims back to life long enough to identify their killers. Among these murdered souls was Ned's own childhood sweetheart Charlotte "Chuck" Charles (Anna Friel)--but when time came to give Chuck the fatal "second touch", Ned didn't have the heart to do it. Thus, Chuck lived on as Ned's "inspiration", taking hilariously elaborate precautions to avoid ever coming into physical contact with her beloved Ned. Narrated by British comedian Jim Dale, Pushing Daisies first blossomed into life on October 3, 2007.
85   Metascore
2007 TVPG Drama, Fantasy, Family, Comedy, Action & Adventure, Other

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