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Shirley Temple's Storybook Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 Episode Guide

25 Episodes 1960 - 1961

Episode 1

The Land of Oz

Sun, Sep 18, 1960 51 mins

The Scarecrow, Tin Man and an assemblage of witches and princesses go on a colorful journey back to Oz, a fantasy land where everyone lives magically ever after.

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Episode 2


Sun, Sep 25, 1960 50 mins

The fate of the British throne in colonial India rests upon the shoulders of a boy named Kim.

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Episode 3

Winnie the Pooh

Sun, Oct 2, 1960 52 mins

Author A.A. Milne's classic characters from the Hundred Acre Wood come to life as marionettes in this adaptation.

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Episode 4

Tom and Huck

Sun, Oct 9, 1960 60 mins

Mark Twain's classic about Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.

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Episode 5


Sun, Oct 16, 1960 60 mins

The story of "Madeline" centers around an imaginative 9-year-old girl who lives in a mansion in Paris and looks for adventure with a boy named Pepito.

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Episode 6

Little Men

Sun, Oct 23, 1960 60 mins

Professor Fritz Bhaer and his wife, Jo, operate the exclusive Plumfield School for Boys. All goes well until the arrival of Dan Baker, a lad who's in the habit of running away from home.

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Episode 7

The Prince and the Pauper

Sun, Oct 30, 1960 60 mins

Mark Twain's classic about the Prince of Wales and a street urchin who successfully switch identities.

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Episode 8

Emmy Lou

Sun, Nov 6, 1960 60 mins

Adaptation of Marty Links' comic strip.

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Episode 9

The Reluctant Dragon

Sun, Nov 13, 1960 60 mins

The story of a young boy who meets a kindly dragon on the edge of town. The boy and the dragon become fast friends, but when the villagers find out about the dragon, the boy must hatch a plan to save him.

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Episode 10

The Black Arrow

Sun, Nov 27, 1960 60 mins

Robert Louis Stevenson's tale of a nobleman-turned-outlaw during the War of the Roses.

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Episode 11

The Indian Captive

Sun, Dec 4, 1960 60 mins

Adaptation of the 1941 story by Lois Lenski about a white girl who grows up with Native Americans in the 18th century.

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Episode 12

The House of Seven Gables

Sun, Dec 11, 1960 51 mins

Nathaniel Hawthorne's supernatural and romantic tale of a New England family and their life in the House of the Seven Gables, a 200-year-old dwelling haunted by the ghosts of past generations.

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Episode 13

The Black Sheep

Sun, Dec 18, 1960 60 mins

An adaptation of the Rudyard Kipling story "Baa Baa, Black Sheep."

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Episode 14

Babes in Toyland

Sun, Dec 25, 1960 51 mins

A boy and girl have a series of adventures after running away from their wicked Uncle Barnaby. After passing through dark forests and the spooky village of Meantown, they find themselves in a magical toyland.

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Episode 15

Pippi Longstocking

Sun, Jan 8, 1961 60 mins

The adventures of a high-spirited little girl who lives every child's ultimate fantasy—escape from parental supervision in a world without rules.

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Episode 16

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Sun, Jan 15, 1961 60 mins

An adaptation of the 1941 Disney animated film.

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Episode 17

Rebel Gun

Sun, Jan 22, 1961 60 mins

A story set in post-Civil War Missouri.

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Episode 18

The Terrible Clockman

Sun, Jan 29, 1961 51 mins

A futuristic fantasy tale of a clockwork monster that comes to life and frightens the inhabitants of a small Swiss town.

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Episode 19

The Fawn

Wed, Feb 15, 1961 60 mins

A boy finds a wounded fawn in the forest.

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Episode 20


Sun, Feb 12, 1961 50 mins

Onawandah, a small Indian lad, makes his way into a Puritan settlement in search of shelter. A nervous guard shoots the youth, who is carried to the home of widow Emily Winters for medical attention.

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Episode 21

The Return of Long John Silver

Sun, Feb 19, 1961 60 mins

A story featuring the legendary Robert Louis Stevenson character from the novel "Treasure Island."

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Episode 22

The Little Mermaid

Sun, Mar 5, 1961 51 mins

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Episode 23

The Peg-leg Pirate of Sulu

Sun, Mar 12, 1961 60 mins

A boy meets a pirate hiding on a beach in the Philippines.

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Episode 24

The Princess and the Goblins

Sun, Mar 19, 1961 60 mins

The classic story of a young princess who lives in a castle on a wild and lonely mountain. One day she discovers a stairway leading to a labyrinth of unused passages with closed doors, behind which lie dungeons, goblins and a world of mysteries. Based on the novel by British author George MacDonald

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Episode 25

Two for the Road

Sun, Jul 16, 1961 60 mins

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