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Roll It Back Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

11 Episodes 2019 -

Episode 1

The Birthday War

5 mins

Owen doesn't have the heart to tell his dad that he has outgrown an embarrassing birthday tradition; Blair learns that Owen is now friends with her ex-best friend Ruth.

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Episode 2

Blair Gets Grounded

Sat, Jun 29, 2019 5 mins

When Blair gets into trouble at school Rachel puts Byron and his radio sidekick "The Gator" in charge of Blair's punishment while Rachel becomes the fun parent with Owen.

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Episode 3

No Thank You For Your Service

Sat, Jul 6, 2019 5 mins

Blair is uninterested in attending an award ceremony honoring Rachel, leading to a confrontation.

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Episode 4

Date Fright

Sat, Jul 13, 2019 5 mins

Owen and Blair convince Byron and Rachel to let them stay home alone for the first time.

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Episode 5

Karate Wars IV: Dawn of the Karate Wars

5 mins

When Owen and Blair compete against each other in a karate tournament Byron and Rachel face the awkward situation of supporting both kids without choosing sides in their new family dynamic.

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Episode 6

The Elevator

Fri, Jul 26, 2019 5 mins

After an argument about who caused the destruction of the radio booth the Bennett-Blatts get stuck in an elevator where each member eventually confesses to their part in the mess.

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Episode 7

And Gator Makes Five

Sat, Sep 28, 2019 5 mins

Gator moves into the Bennett-Blatt house for a few days, forcing Blair and Owen to share a room.

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Episode 8

The Tutor

Sat, Oct 19, 2019 5 mins

Owen volunteers to tutor the school's star basketball player Big Jim so that he can pass an upcoming test and be eligible to play in the game.

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Episode 9

The Big Sneak

Sat, Nov 16, 2019 5 mins

Following the blended Bennett-Blatt family's crazy adventures.

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Episode 10

Owen and Blair In The Morning

Sat, Feb 29, 2020 5 mins

Blair and Owen steps in as The Gator's morning DJs.

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Episode 11

Career Day Catastrophe

Fri, Oct 25, 2019 5 mins

Owen starts to feel betrayed when Byron starts spending more time with Blair. Also Rachel wants to come to Blair's career day but Blair wants Byron to come instead.

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