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Perry Mason Season 9 Episodes

30 Episodes 1965 - 1966

Episode 1

The Case of the Laughing Lady

Sun, Sep 12, 1965 60 mins

Mason's client: a young woman accused of murdering hack journalist Gerald Havens. Leona: Constance Towers. Carla: Jean Hale. Mason: Raymond Burr. Stange: Bernard Fox. Tobey: John Abbott. Cho Sin: Allison Hayes.

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Episode 2

The Case of the Fatal Fortune

Sun, Sep 19, 1965 60 mins

Pat Kean's future looks bleak when her astrologer's pessimistic predictions begin coming true. Pat: Julie Adams. Max: Jesse White. Mason: Raymond Burr. Evans: Lee Philips. Fisher: Ford Rainey. Della: Barbara Hale.

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Episode 3

The Case of the Candy Queen

Sun, Sep 26, 1965 60 mins

A secretary discovers a new ingredient in candy manufacturer Claire Armstrong's product---poison. Claire: Nancy Gates. Purvis: Robert Rockwell. Mason: Raymond Burr. Chester: John Napier. Wanda: Patricia Smith. Arnold: John Archer. Carol: Nina Shipman.

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Episode 4

The Case of the Cheating Chancellor

Sun, Oct 3, 1965 60 mins

At his alma mater, Mason unveils a cheating scandal as he defends an educator accused of homicide. Hyatt: Peter Helm. Fowler: James Noah. Logan: G.B. Atwater. Evelyn: Lee Meriwether. Drake: William Hopper. Della: Barbara Hale.

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Episode 5

The Case of the Impetuous Imp

Sun, Oct 10, 1965 60 mins

Mason is tagged as a young woman's accomplice in a $50,000 jewel robbery. Simmons: Stuart Erwin. Diana: Bonnie Jones. Helga: Hanna Landy. Vincent: Don Dubbins. Dolwig: Jeff Cooper. Della: Barbara Hale. Drake: William Hopper.

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Episode 6

The Case of the Carefree Coronary

Sun, Oct 17, 1965 60 mins

Mason is summoned by a small insurance company that faces bankruptcy because of an unusually high number of heart-attack claims. Wendell: Robert Emhardt. Watson: Bruce Bennett. Groody: Whit Bissell. Drake: William Hopper.

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Episode 7

The Case of the Hasty Honeymooner

Sun, Oct 24, 1965 60 mins

A millionaire's previous wives all died under questionable circumstances---and his latest bride was no exception. Tolliver: Noah Beery. Alice: K.T. Stevens. Mason: Raymond Burr. Guy: Hugh Marlowe. Millicent: Cathy Downs. Roy: Strother Martin.

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Episode 8

The Case of the 12th Wildcat

Sun, Oct 31, 1965 60 mins

The owner of a football team is suspected of murdering her husband. Cameos by Lon Chuy, Roman Gabriel, Lamar Lundy, Marlin McKeever and Bill Munson. Burt Payne: Bill Williams. Grant: Regis Toomey.

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Episode 9

The Case of the Wrathful Wraith

Sun, Nov 7, 1965 60 mins

After clearing a woman accused of murdering her husband, Mason must do it all over again: the supposed victim turns up---and is fatally shot. Rosemary: Jeanne Bal. Louise: Marion Moses. Ted: Douglas Dick. Ralph: Gene Lyons.

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Episode 10

The Case of the Runaway Racer

Sun, Nov 14, 1965 60 mins

Mason is retained by a racing-car driver accused of murdering his double-crossing business partner. Griston: Henry Brandt. Marge: Jan Shepard. Ryan: Michael Constantine. Rettig: Anthony Caruso. Stone: Richard Eastham. Della: Barbara Hale.

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Episode 11

The Case of the Silent Six

Sun, Nov 21, 1965 60 mins

Mason's investigation of murder is set back by six people who heard the crime being committed---but refuse to talk. Mason: Raymond Burr. Wolfe: Skip Homeier. Linda: Dianne Foster. Ron: David Macklin. Flo: Virginia Gregg. Fisher: Hampton Fancher. Coleman: Peter Baron.

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Episode 12

The Case of the Fugitive Fraulein

Sun, Nov 28, 1965 60 mins

Mason goes behind the Berlin Wall to negotiate the release of a child. Mason: Raymond Burr. Clay: Dan Tobin. Gerta: Susanne Cramer. Ritter: Wolfe Barzell. Emma: Jeanette Nolan. Stromm: Gregory Morton.

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Episode 13

The Case of the Baffling Bug

Sun, Dec 12, 1965 60 mins

Industrial espionage blends with murder as Mason investigates the piracy of a valuable desalinization process. Meade: Grant Williams. Rhoda: Dee Hartford. Scranton: Gilbert Green. Rupert: Ben Cooper. Drake: William Hopper.

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Episode 14

The Case of the Golden Girls

Sun, Dec 19, 1965 60 mins

Victor Montalvo's nightmare begins when he picks up a hitchhiker---and falls prey to a blackmailer. Montalvo: Philip Bourneuf. Mason: Raymond Burr. Debbie: Angela Dorian. Durbin: Bruce Glover. Drake: William Hopper. Beverly: Paula Stewart. Florian: Mark Roberts.

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Episode 15

The Case of the Bogus Buccaneer

Sun, Jan 9, 1966 60 mins

The odds are against accused murderer Tony Polk: he has a criminal record, a witness saw him grapple with the victim---and he's the owner of the murder weapon. Mason: Raymond Burr. Eldridge: Rhodes Reason. Beth: Mary Mitchell. Polk: Steve Harris.

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Episode 16

The Case of the Midnight Howler

Sun, Jan 16, 1966 60 mins

Mason is listening to a late-night talk show when he hears the station owner's conversation cut dead---by the sound of gunfire. Thorne: Lee Patterson. Mason: Raymond Burr. Holly: Myrna Fahey. Austin: Dan Travanty. Sellers: Alan Baxter. Jackson: Ian Wolfe.

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Episode 17

The Case of the Vanishing Victim

Sun, Jan 23, 1966 60 mins

A plane crash, a missing drug supply and a mischievous millionaire are the ingredients in this case of murder and deception. Bennett: Richard Erdman. Mason: Raymond Burr. Miriam: Jeanne Cooper. Laraine: Lisa Gaye. Kavanaugh: Russell Arms.

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Episode 18

The Case of the Golfer's Gambit

Sun, Jan 30, 1966 60 mins

Pro golfer Chick Farley finds a lucrative way to supplement his income: blackmail. Bright: Carl Reindel. Mason: Raymond Burr. Dina: Nancy Kovack. Brandt: Harry Townes. Patterson: Bartlett Robinson.

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Episode 19

The Case of the Sausalito Sunrise

Sun, Feb 13, 1966 60 mins

Mason is sought out by an art-gallery owner about to face trial for the murder of a detective. Clune: Donald Murphy. Kannon: Allan Melvin. Estelle: Elisabeth Fraser. Bradley: Mark Tapscott. Bobbi: Francine York. Drake: William Hopper.

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Episode 20

The Case of the Scarlet Scandal

Sun, Feb 20, 1966 60 mins

Small-town prejudice flares against a musician suspected of murdering the art patron who befriended him. Hobart: Will Hutchins. Mason: Raymond Burr. Dalton: Gene Evans. Bayler: Lloyd Gough. Elaine: Mala Powers. Della: Barbara Hale.

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Episode 21

The Case of the Twice Told Twist

Sun, Feb 27, 1966 60 mins

In this modern-day version of Dickens' "Oliver Twist," Mason refuses to press charges against the teenager accused of stripping his car. Lennie: Kevin O'Neal. Huggins: Victor Buono. Sikes: Scott Graham. Robin: Lisa Seagrem. Donna: Lisa Para.

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Episode 22

The Case of the Avenging Angel

Sun, Mar 13, 1966 60 mins

Working behind the scenes for the anonymous benefactor of a young singer, Mason redirects his efforts when murder enters the picture. Hawley: Richard Carlson. Dotty: Sue Ane Langdon. Henny: Lurene Tuttle. Burgess: Paul Stewart.

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Episode 23

The Case of the Tsarina's Tiara

Sun, Mar 20, 1966 60 mins

Mme. Sonya Galinova becomes trapped in a web of intrigue when she receives several priceless jewels in payment of a debt. Mason: Raymond Burr. Ness: Kendall Clark. Devry: Wesley Addy. Arena: Carlos Romero. Gerznov: Leonid Kinskey.

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Episode 24

The Case of the Fanciful Frail

Sun, Mar 27, 1966 60 mins

A suspected thief gets into further trouble when she switches identities with a woman on the run from a paid assassin. Mason: Raymond Burr. Carruthers: Arch Johnson. Martha: Coleen Gray. Drake: William Hopper. Della: Barbara Hale.

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Episode 25

The Case of the Unwelcome Well

Sun, Apr 3, 1966 60 mins

When an oil tycoon begins drilling on his land, farmer Jason Rohan begins spending big in anticipation of his wealth. Klee: Wendell Corey. Rohan: Paul Brinegar. Mason: Raymond Burr. Winford: James Best. Mirabel: Marilyn Erskine. Lannon: Les Tremayne.

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Episode 26

The Case of the Dead Ringer

Sun, Apr 17, 1966 60 mins

Mason's reputation is at stake when he's accused of trying to buy a witness in a hearing over a patent suit. Mason/Grimes: Raymond Burr. Swanson: Stewart Moss. Barbara: Indus Arthur. March: Henry Beckman.

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Episode 27

The Case of the Misguided Model

Sun, Apr 24, 1966 60 mins

An ex-boxer tells Mason he killed a man in self-defense, but refuses to go to the police, even though another man has been charged with the crime. Sharon: Mary Ann Mobley. Blair: Anthony Eisley. Mason: Raymond Burr. Della: Barbara Hale.

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Episode 28

The Case of the Positive Negative

Sun, May 1, 1966 60 mins

In a final effort to keep Roger Brandon from heading an anticrime commission, a blackmailer threatens to launch a smear campaign against Brandon's wife (Bettye Ackerman). Mason: Raymond Burr. Cummings: Parley Baer. Cotton: Dabbs Greer.

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Episode 29

The Case of the Crafty Kidnapper

Sun, May 15, 1966 60 mins

A man goes on trial for murder when the body of a gossip columnist is found in his car. Mason: Raymond Burr. Gloria: Cloris Leachman. Alex Tanner: Gary Collins. Della: Barbara Hale.

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Episode 30

The Case of the Final Fade-Out

Sun, May 22, 1966 60 mins

Mason is summoned when a showdown between a TV star and a producer ends in murder. Early: Dick Clark. Conrad: James Stacy. Erna: Marlyn Mason. Sidemark: Denver Pyle. Rubin: Gerald Mohr. Desmond: Jackie Coogan. Drake: William Hopper.

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