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Moonlighting Season 5 Episodes

13 Episodes 1988 - 1989

Episode 1

A Womb with a View

Tue, Dec 6, 1988 60 mins

As Maddie and David (Cybill Shepherd, Bruce Willis) await the birth of Baby Hayes, a divine visitor teaches the baby about his parents. Jerome: Joseph Maher. Ms. Dipesto: Allyce Beasley. Viola: Curtis Armstrong.

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Episode 2

Between a Yuk and a Hard Place

Tue, Dec 13, 1988 60 mins

Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) buries herself in work, and accepts a case from a woman who suspects her husband is still in love with someone in his past. Joan Spring: Cristina Raines-Crowe. Harril Swinburne: Nicholas Cascone. Dennis Spring: Rod McCary.

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Episode 3

The Color of Maddie

Tue, Dec 20, 1988 60 mins

Maddie and David wade into pool-shark-filled waters while looking for a client's husband (Graham Beckel), who took a 10-year break after a five-day marriage. Cybill Shepherd, Bruce Willis. Nora: Karen Landry. Danny: Drew Pillsbury.

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Episode 4

Plastic Fantastic Lover

Tue, Jan 10, 1989 60 mins

A wealthy recluse (Andrew Robinson) hires the detectives to prove a plastic surgeon's willful malpractice. Cybill Shepherd, Bruce Willis. Nurse Saundra: Jennifer Tilly. Dr. Brill: Nicholas Pryor.

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Episode 5

Shirts and Skins

Tue, Jan 17, 1989 60 mins

The detectives take opposite sides in a claim of sexual harassment that culminated with the alleged harassee using a gun to harass the alleged harasser. Martha: Joan Pringle. Robin: Jayne Atkinson. Ann: Lora Staley.

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Episode 6

Take My Wife, for Example

Tue, Feb 7, 1989 60 mins

A divorce lawyer (Colleen Dewhurst) wants Blue Moon to investigate the possibility of a reconciliation in a divorce case she fears she may have mishandled; Maddie buys a gift for David. Lydia: Jane Hallaren. Nathan: Lawrence Pressman. Ron: John Moskoff.

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Episode 7

I See England, I See France, I See Maddie's Netherworld

Tue, Feb 14, 1989 60 mins

The detectives visit a graveyard to dig up more information on a client who was seeking a bodyguard before he died while waiting in Maddie's office. Cybill Shepherd, Bruce Willis. Harry Soffer: Phil Simms. Winston Guy: Jon Korkes. Rothman: Michael Flynn.

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Episode 8

Those Lips, Those Lies

Sun, Apr 2, 1989 60 mins

A skeptical David and a sympathetic Maddie help David's brother (Charles Rocket) and his fiancé (Rita Wilson) recover money embezzled by her business partner. Bruce Willis, Cybill Shepherd. Claudette: Debra Sandlund. Ginger: Stephanie Dunnam. Agnes: Allyce Beasley.

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Episode 9


Sun, Apr 9, 1989 60 mins

A terminally ill man asks Blue Moon to find the one person who can corroborate his claim that he pulled off the perfect crime 25 years ago. Brock Ash: Tim Thomerson. Duncan: Bill Erwin. Elizabeth: Lee Bryant. David: Bruce Willis. MacGilicuddy: Jack Blessing.

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Episode 10

When Girls Collide

Sun, Apr 16, 1989 60 mins

David is happy to serve on the "entertainment committee" when Maddie's cousin (Virginia Madsen) comes to town. Bruce Willis's wife Demi Moore has a cameo. David: Bruce Willis. Maddie: Cybill Shepherd. Agnes: Allyce Beasley. Viola: Curtis Armstrong.

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Episode 11

In 'n' Outlaws

Sun, Apr 23, 1989 60 mins

A murder-trial jury is sequestered when Agnes (Allyce Beasley) is the lone "not guilty" vote, forcing her to miss the Viola family reunion, which is a trial for Burt (Curtis Armstrong) without his girlfriend. Dad: Val Avery. Guido: Eddie Mekka. Noni: Susan French.

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Episode 12

Eine Kleine Nacht Murder

Sun, Apr 30, 1989 60 mins

Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) feels caught between David and Annie, Annie (Virginia Madsen) feels caught between Maddie and David, and David feels suspicious of the cop guarding Maddie. Det. Donagan: Joseph Hacker. Murderer: Ray Wise. David: Bruce Willis.

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Episode 13

Lunar Eclipse

Sun, May 14, 1989 60 mins

Nuptials are pending and both parties ask David (Bruce Willis) to be a member of the wedding, but he may have his hands full as he ponders his role in another marriage. Annie: Virginia Madsen. Mark: James Stephens. Kapatkin: Joe Grifasi. Agnes: Allyce Beasley.

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