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Minder Season 8 Episodes

13 Episodes 1991 - 1991

Series 8 of the British sitcom about a freelance bodyguard\ who's often at odds with his exacting boss.

Episode 1

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Entrepreneur

Thu, Sep 5, 1991 60 mins

In the Season 8 opener, after Terry goes missing, Arthur Daley returns with a new minder - his nephew Ray - and ambitions to move into Europe. However, Ray seems more susceptible to a con than Arthur's customers, and when he accepts a bouncing cheque, Arthur is aghast. But Ray soon proves himself brighter than his uncle had suspected.

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Episode 2

A Bouquet of Barbed Wire

Thu, Sep 12, 1991 60 mins

Arthur ventures into the wine trade with a vintage supplied by the Brothers of the Blessed Bidolph - a small monastic order nestling just off the A2.

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Episode 3

Whatever Happened To Her Indoors?

Thu, Sep 19, 1991 60 mins

When Her Indoors goes missing, Arthur is under suspicion. But he's got the more important matter of a cash-flow problem on his mind.

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Episode 4

Three Cons Make a Mountain

Thu, Sep 26, 1991 60 mins

Arthur keeps acquiring items that won't do his reputation any good. But how is he going to offload them without the rest of the manor finding out that he's been conned?

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Episode 5

Guess Who's Coming to Pinner?

Thu, Oct 3, 1991 60 mins

Charlie Johnson is dead, and the greatest villains the manor has ever seen are gathering to pay their last respects. While attending the funeral, Arthur receives a couple of interesting propositions - including one from Charlie's widow.

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Episode 6

The Last Temptation of Daley

Thu, Oct 10, 1991 60 mins

Arthur's GP orders him to cut down on booze and cigars, and his grip on reality is called into question after he demands police protection from an angry customer.

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Episode 7

A Bird in the Hand Is Worth Two in Shepherd's Bush

Thu, Oct 17, 1991 60 mins

While Arthur continues his business ventures in Europe, Ray is given the task of minding a valuable racing pigeon due to race from London to Bradford with a prize of ten grand at stake.

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Episode 8

Him Indoors

Thu, Oct 24, 1991 60 mins

When Ron the Burglar, now reformed, opens Arthur Daley's lock-up with a metal comb, it's clear to Arthur that Daley Enterprises has to strengthen its warehouse security.

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Episode 9

The Greatest Show in Willesden

Thu, Oct 31, 1991 60 mins

Arthur has a plan to boost the membership of the Winchester Club with a series of variety nights, but ends up in a spot of bother over a stolen karaoke machine.

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Episode 10

Too Many Crooks

Thu, Nov 7, 1991 60 mins

Arthur gets into food when he launches Daley Catering International Cuisine, but the chef he employs goes on the run from a group of gangsters, leaving Arthur to cater for a policeman's retirement party.

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Episode 11

The Odds Couple

Thu, Nov 14, 1991 60 mins

Ray is assigned to look after the wife of a casino owner who has developed into a compulsive gambler. But when she explains her latest foolproof system to Arthur, he finds himself strangely drawn to her husband's casino.

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Episode 12

The Coach that Came in from the Cold

Thu, Nov 21, 1991 60 mins

Arthur's attempts to ingratiate himself at the local golf club are interrupted when DS Morley offers to sell him a police transport coach for a knock-down price.

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Episode 13

The Cruel Canal

Wed, Dec 25, 1991 60 mins

In the Season 8 finale, when the van breaks down, Arthur and Ray take their cargo of dodgy videos onto the glorious waterways of England - otherwise known as the canal between Willesden and Limehouse. Luckily, the barge also turns out to be a convenient hideout from Big Dai, the fearsome Bible-quoting Welshman.

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