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Minder Season 5 Episodes

9 Episodes 1984 - 1984

Series 5 of the British sitcom about a freelance bodyguard\ who's often at odds with his exacting boss.

Episode 1

Goodbye Sailor

Wed, Sep 5, 1984 60 mins

In the Season 5 opener, Arthur lines up a deal to supply cheap tobacco and persuades Terry to collect it, convincing him that it's an easy job. But Terry has his doubts when he and Arthur are all at sea with Customs and Excise in pursuit.

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Episode 2

What Makes Shamy Run?

Wed, Sep 12, 1984 60 mins

Dave at the Winchester Arms points out that the banknotes given to Arthur by Shamy to pay off his debts are in fact forgeries.

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Episode 3

A Number of Old Wives' Tales

Wed, Sep 19, 1984 60 mins

Arthur gets involved with Clive Cosgrove, who has several businesses run by women - but it turns out that he is married to all of them.

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Episode 4

The Second Time Around

Wed, Sep 26, 1984 60 mins

When an author friend of Arthur's learns that her ex-husband has sold her house without permission, she hires Terry to help with ideas and Arthur to help get the money back.

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Episode 5

Second-Hand Pose

Wed, Oct 3, 1984 60 mins

After being left in an industrial freezer, Terry decides to look for alternative employment and gets work helping out an old friend in the second-hand furniture business.

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Episode 6

The Long Ride Back to Scratchwood

Wed, Oct 10, 1984 60 mins

Arthur tries to get hold of black-market tickets for the England v Scotland soccer match, so he can sell them for a huge profit to Scottish fans.

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Episode 7

Hypnotising Rita

Wed, Oct 17, 1984 60 mins

Arthur tries to help a young girl who is being conned by a hypnotherapist over a large sum of money coming to her.

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Episode 8

The Balance of Power

Wed, Oct 31, 1984 60 mins

When Arthur's used car lot is threatened by a compulsory purchase order, he decides to stand as an independent candidate in the local council by-election.

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Episode 9

Around the Corner

Wed, Dec 26, 1984 60 mins

In the Season 5 finale, Arthur's luck seems to be going to the dogs when he buys a dodgy greyhound and gets conned over some bent videos. But are the police too busy fighting with each other to catch him red-handed?

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