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Death Valley Days Season 8 Episodes

38 Episodes 1959 - 1960

Episode 1


Thu, Oct 15, 1959 30 mins

Don Augustine Olvera (Cesar Romero) is torn between his loyalty to rebel caballeros and his obligations to the U.S. Government when California becomes a territory.

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Episode 2

Gates Ajar Morgan

Tue, Oct 20, 1959 30 mins

A man filled with phony religiosity can save his benefactor from being lynched by incriminating himself. Morgan: Don Wilson. Higgins: Chris Alcaide. Dawson: Phil Harvey.

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Episode 3

Somewhere in the Vultures

Thu, Oct 15, 1959 30 mins

A girl hires a former prospector to find her fiancé, who disappeared while searching for gold. Elizabeth: Kathleen Crowley. Powers: Paul Richards. Myrna: Darlene Fields. Walker: Ed Kemmer.

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Episode 4

Sam Kee and Uncle Sam

Tue, Oct 27, 1959 30 mins

A Chinese immigrant moves to prevent Fort Huachuca from falling into Apache hands. Kee: Benson Fong. Lt. Burke: Jim Douglas. Coyote Jim: Mike Forest.

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Episode 5

The Grand Duke

Sun, Nov 1, 1959 30 mins

To prevent an international incident, Buffalo Bill Cody (John Lupton) guards a Russian duke. Alexis: Alex Davion. White Eagle: Maurice Jara.

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Episode 6

Fair Exchange

Fri, Nov 13, 1959 30 mins

Nothing can come between prospectors Charlie Stoner and Major Bullock---except maybe a little mutual suspicion. Charlie: George Mitchell. Major: Robert E. Griffin. Phoebe: Linda Watkins.

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Episode 7

The Scalpel and the Gun

Sat, Dec 12, 1959 30 mins

A doctor's devotion to gambling costs him the life of a patient. Dr. Tom Bell: Lin McCarthy. Dave Madden: Richard Shannon.

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Episode 8

Indian Emily

Thu, Nov 26, 1959 30 mins

Imprisoned by the cavalry, a wounded Indian girl is befriended by Lt. Tom Easton (Burt Metcalfe). Indian Girl: Jolene Brand. Mrs. Easton: Meg Wyllie.

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Episode 9

Hang 'em High

Fri, Jul 21, 2017 30 mins

Competing companies attempt to build the first transcontinental telegraph in hopes of being awarded a bonus.

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Episode 10

Tribal Justice

Thu, Dec 10, 1959 30 mins

An Indian chief becomes a murder suspect when a tribal head he hated suddenly dies. Quanah: Richard Abgarola. Lean Bear: Rudy Solari. Yellow Bear: Joseph Perry. Too Nicey: Kathy Reed.

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Episode 11

The Little Trooper

Thu, Dec 10, 1959 30 mins

A notorious Apache is in the area---and an Army captain's son is missing. Captain: Tom Palmer. Douglas: Bryan Russell.

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Episode 12

Ten Feet of Nothing

Thu, Dec 24, 1959 30 mins

James Drury plays a prospector whose small claim may yield big riches. Abe: Hank Patterson. Kathy: Preshy Marker.

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Episode 13

Lady of the Press

Thu, Dec 24, 1959 30 mins

A crooked politician whips all comers---until a newspaperwoman makes him the subject of editorial attacks. Emmett: Don Beddoe. Laura: Mary Webster.

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Episode 14

The Reluctant Gun

Sat, Dec 26, 1959 30 mins

Lawyer Temple Houston (Ross Elliott), son of Sam Houston, defends a murder suspect. Jackson: Alan Reed Jr. Corbitt: Robert Morris. Susan: Maggie Pierce.

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Episode 15

His Brother's Keeper

Thu, Jan 7, 1960 30 mins

The people of Downieville, Cal., ostracize the brother of President Lincoln's assassin. Booth: Harry Townes. Rogan: Jack Mather. Hayes: Alan Baxter.

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Episode 16

The Devil's Due

Thu, Jan 21, 1960 30 mins

Reformed thief Tom Dixon and his wife are forced to help Tom's former cohorts, who have just knocked off a bank. Tom: Bob Knapp. Rose: June Dayton. Sadie: Pamela Duncan. Butch: Brett King.

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Episode 17

Money to Burn

Fri, Jan 22, 1960 30 mins

Lloyd Corrigan plays a hobo-turned-philanthropist whose gifts come from a cache of stolen gold that he found. Wells Fargo Agent: Bill Boyett.

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Episode 18

Dogs of the Mist

Sat, Feb 6, 1960 30 mins

Two dogs, a note asking for help and gold nuggets are the ingredients of a mystery surrounding a legendary pioneer. Steve Hewitt: James Douglas.

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Episode 19

The Wedding Dress

Sat, Feb 13, 1960 30 mins

Marshal Bill Tilghman (Brad Johnson) raises eyebrows when he tries to reclaim a stolen wedding dress instead of trailing a notorious outlaw gang. Mrs. Tilghman: Mary Webster. Mary Lou: Melinda Byron.

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Episode 20

Shadow on the Window

Thu, Feb 18, 1960 30 mins

Lew Wallace (Dayton Lummis), governor of the New Mexico Territory, tries to get Billy the Kid to turn state's evidence against an outlaw gang. Billy: Martin Braddock.

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Episode 21

Battle of Mokelumne Hill

Fri, Feb 19, 1960 30 mins

The Battle of Mokelumne Hill is a fight between a tax collector and a Frenchman interested in the same girl. Rosseau: Marcel Dalio. Monique: Diane DuBois. Martain: H.M. Wynant. Bradshaw: Dallas Mitchell.

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Episode 22

The Strangers

Thu, Mar 3, 1960 30 mins

A hate-filled drifter threatens successful rancher John Gaunt (Warner Anderson) and his family. Jessica: Phyllis Hill. Nan: Virginia Aldrich. Chris: Richard Evans. Taggart: Robert Gist.

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Episode 23

Goodbye Five Hundred Pesos

Thu, Mar 3, 1960 30 mins

In the years after California's conquest, an Army commander grapples with hostile citizens. Manolito: Rafael Campos. Enrique: Than Wyenn.

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Episode 24

Forbidden Wedding

Thu, Mar 17, 1960 30 mins

A couple face opposition to their marriage: the governor of California, whom the woman once rejected. Fitch: Ted Otis. Josefa: Ziba Rodann. Don Jose: Ben Wright. Carrillo: Edward Colmans.

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Episode 25

One Man Tank

Thu, Mar 17, 1960 30 mins

An unsuccessful prospector buys a goat farm---and strikes it rich. Koehn: John Bleifer. Harris: Dabbs Greer. Shannon: John Harmon. Bellingham: John Holland.

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Episode 26

The Man On the Road

Wed, Mar 30, 1960 30 mins

John Raitt plays a drifter who befriends a boy whose father has been jailed for horse theft. Pete: Kevin Jones. Rawson: House Peters Jr. Sheriff: James Bell.

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Episode 27

The Man Everyone Hated

Fri, Apr 1, 1960 30 mins

A general planning to house Indians on a reservation finds himself hated by white men and red men alike. Beale: James Craig. Culkins: Charles Davis. Notoma: Sonya Wilde.

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Episode 28

The General Who Disappeared

Fri, Apr 8, 1960 30 mins

The going gets rough for a corrupt politician. The governor of Montana has launched a reform campaign. Justman: Howard Petrie. Meagher: Richard Webb. Haynes: Bill Quinn.

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Episode 29

The Million Dollar Pants

Wed, Apr 13, 1960 30 mins

Levi Strauss (Red Buttons) turns a business reversal into a gold mine---with a pair of canvas trousers. Mahoney: Richard Carlyle. Yvonne Benet: Lisa Gaye.

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Episode 30

Pirates of San Francisco

Thu, Apr 14, 1960 30 mins

A sailor, a barmaid and a newspaperman join forces to clean up a lawless city. Patrick: H.M. Wynant. Handley: George Wallace. Gwen: Ann McCrea. Wilson: Charles Gray.

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Episode 31

A Woman's Rights

Sun, May 1, 1960 30 mins

Bethel Leslie plays America's first female judge, who loses her life savings and her husband in a fight against corruption. Morris: Dean Harens. Wheeler: Ben Wright. McGreevey: Bart Robinson.

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Episode 32

Eagle in the Rocks

Tue, May 10, 1960 30 mins

Townspeople plan a vendetta when a Mexican outlaw is accused of killing four miners. Murietta: Ricardo Montalban. Garcia: Jack Kruschen. Andrews: Karl Swenson.

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Episode 33

Cap'n Pegleg

Thu, May 12, 1960 30 mins

A vengeful sea captain goes after the sailors he holds responsible for the loss of his leg. Quirt: Douglas Fowley. Tetlow: William Schallert. John: Paul Burke.

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Episode 34

Emma Is Coming

Tue, May 24, 1960 30 mins

A singer wants to chuck it all and go home. Emma: Erin O'Brien-Moore. Mapleson: Allan Reed. Clayton: Rick Jason.

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Episode 35

Human Sacrifice

Thu, Jun 2, 1960 30 mins

An Indian chief's young widow fights an ancient ritual requiring her to be killed following her husband's death. Chief: Herman Rudin. Julia: Arlene Sax. Washaki: Christopher Dark. Rogers: Russ Bender.

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Episode 36

Pete Kitchen's Wedding Night

Tue, Jun 7, 1960 30 mins

Cameron Mitchell stars as a rancher threatened by an Indian attack on his wedding night. Rosa: Barbara Luna.

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Episode 37

Mission to the Mountains

Thu, Jun 9, 1960 30 mins

On a peace mission, a rancher and an Indian meet a prospector who thinks they're after his gold. Schmidtline: Harry Lauter. Chief: George Keymas.

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Episode 38

The Great Lounsberry Scoop

Wed, Jun 29, 1960 30 mins

Reporter Mark Kellogg (John Clarke) gets a difficult assignment: covering General Custer's campaign against the Sioux. Custer: Duane Gray. Lounsberry: Ron Hayes.

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