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Columbo Season 3 Episodes

8 Episodes 1973 - 1974

Episode 1

Lovely but Lethal

Sun, Sep 23, 1973 90 mins

A cosmetic manufacturer murders an employee who stole the formula for a beauty cream. Columbo: Peter Falk. Lang: Vincent Price. Lessing: Martin Sheen. Secretary: Sian Barbara Allen.

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Episode 2

Any Old Port in a Storm

Sun, Oct 7, 1973 120 mins

A wine maker murders his brother, who is threatening to sell the family vineyard. Carsini: Donald Pleasence. Columbo: Peter Falk. Karen: Julie Harris. Ric: Gary Conway. Joan: Joyce Jillson.

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Episode 3

Candidate for Crime

Sun, Nov 4, 1973 120 mins

A senatorial candidate murders his campaign manager, passing it off as an attempt on his own life. Hayward: Jackie Cooper. Columbo: Peter Falk. Victoria: Joanne Linville. Linda: Tisha Sterling. Stone: Harry Swofford.

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Episode 4

Double Exposure

Sun, Dec 16, 1973 90 mins

A research specialist uses subconscious stimuli to lure a victim to his death. Dr. Kepple: Robert Culp. Columbo: Peter Falk. White: Chuck McCann. Mrs. Norris: Louise Latham. Norris: Robert Middleton. Tanya: Arlene Martel.

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Episode 5

Publish or Perish

Fri, Jan 18, 1974 90 mins

Faced with the defection of his most valuable author, a publisher murders the writer to collect a huge insurance benefit. Greenleaf: Jack Cassidy. Kane: John Chandler. Columbo: Peter Falk. Eileen: Mariette Hartley. Mallory: Mickey Spillane.

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Episode 6

Mind Over Mayhem

Sun, Feb 10, 1974 90 mins

A scientist has a son who plagiarized a discovery, and a colleague who threatens to reveal the fact. The solution: murder the would-be informer. Cahill: Jose Ferrer. Columbo: Peter Falk. Margaret Nicholson: Jessica Walter. Neill Cahill: Robert Walker. Steve: Lee H. Montgomery.

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Episode 7

Swan Song

Sun, Mar 3, 1974 120 mins

A singer murders his wife, an evangelist who exploits his talents to raise money for religious crusades. Tommy: Johnny Cash. Columbo: Peter Falk. Edna: Ida Lupino. Maryann: Bonnie Van Dyke. Luke: William McKinney.

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Columbo, Season 3 Episode 7 image

Episode 8

A Friend in Deed

Sun, May 5, 1974 120 mins

A police commissioner murders his wife and pins the crime on a burglar. Columbo: Peter Falk. Halperin: Richard Kiley. Jessup: Val Avery. Dreyer: John Finnegan. Caldwell: Michael McGuire.

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