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Columbo Season 2 Episodes

8 Episodes 1972 - 1973

Episode 1

Etude in Black

Sun, Sep 17, 1972 120 mins

John Cassavetes as a maestro who kills his mistress and passes it off as a suicide. Columbo: Peter Falk. Lizzi: Myrna Loy. Janice: Blythe Danner. Rifkin: James Olson. Audrey: Dawn Frame. Billy: James McEachin. Jenifer: Anjanette Comer.

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Episode 2

The Greenhouse Jungle

Sun, Oct 15, 1972 90 mins

To gain access to his nephew's trust fund, an uncle convinces the heir to stage his own kidnapping---with fatal results. Columbo: Peter Falk. Sgt. Wilson: Bob Dishy. Tony: Bradford Dillman. Cathy: Sandra Smith.

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Episode 3

The Most Crucial Game

Sun, Nov 5, 1972 90 mins

Columbo's after a murderer whose alibi puts him miles away from the crime. Columbo: Peter Falk. Paul Hanlon: Robert Culp. Cannell: Dean Jagger. Ralph Dobbs: Val Avery.

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Episode 4

Dagger of the Mind

Sun, Nov 26, 1972 120 mins

Columbo's in London, helping Scotland Yard solve the case of a murdered nobleman. Filmed on location. Columbo: Peter Falk. Nicholas Frame: Richard Basehart. Lillian Stanhope: Honor Blackman. Tanner: Wilfrid Hyde-White.

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Episode 5

Requiem for a Falling Star

Sun, Jan 21, 1973 90 mins

A fading star, out to murder a columnist, has killed her secretary by mistake. Columbo: Peter Falk. Nora Chandler: Anne Baxter. Jerry Parks: Mel Ferrer. Simmons: Kevin McCarthy. Fallon: Frank Converse. Jean: Pippa Scott.

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Columbo, Season 2 Episode 5 image

Episode 6

A Stitch in Crime

Sun, Feb 11, 1973 90 mins

Leonard Nimoy as a surgeon who's planning a surgical death for his associate. Heideman: Will Geer. Columbo: Peter Falk. Sharon: Anne Francis. Marsha: Nita Talbot. Alexander: Jared Martin.

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Columbo, Season 2 Episode 6 image

Episode 7

The Most Dangerous Match

Sun, Mar 4, 1973 90 mins

Laurence Harvey plays a chess champ planning to murder his opponent. Dudek: Jack Kruschen. Columbo: Peter Falk. Berozski: Lloyd Bochner. Linda Robinson: Heidi Bruhl. Benson: Michael Fox.

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Columbo, Season 2 Episode 7 image

Episode 8

Double Shock

Wed, Mar 28, 1973 90 mins

Twins are suspected of murder; which is guilty? Dexter/Norman Paris: Martin Landau. Columbo: Peter Falk. Mrs. Peck: Jeanette Nolan. Hathaway: Tim O'Connor. Lisa: Julie Newmar.

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