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Automan Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

13 Episodes 1983 - 1984

Episode 1


Thu, Dec 15, 1983 90 mins

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Automan, Season 1 Episode 1 image

Episode 2

Staying Alive While Running a High Flashdance Fever

Thu, Dec 22, 1983 60 mins

A tip linking a public official to the mob leads Automan to a judge who's a police favorite. Chuck Wagner, Mary Crosby. Martin: Don Gordon. Farnesworth: William Windom.

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Episode 3

The Great Pretender

Thu, Dec 29, 1983 60 mins

Automan poses as a gangster to shut down a counterfeiting operation. Desi Arnaz Jr., Robert Lansing. Brock: Clu Gulager. Trotter: Rick Jason. Mayhew: Michael Callan.

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Episode 4

Ships in the Night

Thu, Jan 5, 1984 60 mins

Walter and Automan join Curtis and Roxanne on a Caribbean island where businessmen are disappearing. Sawyer: Scott Marlowe. Walter: Desi Arnaz Jr. Automan: Chuck Wagner.

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Automan, Season 1 Episode 4 image

Episode 5

Unreasonable Facsimile

Thu, Jan 12, 1984 60 mins

Automan poses as a Texan to foil the sale of defective helicopter parts. Chuck Wagner, Desi Arnaz Jr. Robert Sampson. Rachel: Delta Burke. Powers: Glenn Corbett.

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Episode 6

Flashes and Ashes

Thu, Jan 19, 1984 60 mins

Walter is asked to turn in his badge for interfering with the investigation of a burglary that left one officer dead. Desi Arnaz Jr., Chuck Wagner. Whittaker: Jeff Pomerantz. Lymon: Danil Torppe.

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Episode 7

The Biggest Game in Town

Thu, Jan 26, 1984 60 mins

The police tangle with high-tech extortionists in a game that may lead to the destruction of the city's vital functions. Chuck Wagner. Johnston: Felton Perry. Tilson: Rick Lenz. Ellie: Kristen Meadows.

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Episode 8

Renegade Run

Mon, Mar 5, 1984 60 mins

Walter's efforts to help a friend bring him to a Southwest town, where he ends up on a chain gang controlled by a corrupt sheriff. Desi Arnaz Jr., Chuck Wagner, Gina Gallego. Chico: Billy Drago. Sheriff: Richard Lynch.

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Episode 9

Murder MTV

Mon, Mar 12, 1984 60 mins

Walter suspects the manager of a rock group has something to hide when he hires mobsters to protect his rock-star daughter from an extortionist. Desi Arnaz Jr. Cole: Michael McGuire. Jessie: Laura Branigan.

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Episode 10

Murder, Take One

Mon, Mar 19, 1984 60 mins

To find a gossip columnist's killer, Walter trails a movie financier, while Automan revives a failing film production after landing a lead. Desi Arnaz Jr., Chuck Wagner, Peter Marshall. Veronica: Michelle Phillips.

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Episode 11


Mon, Mar 26, 1984 60 mins

Automan strips to his skivvies to trap a burglary ring operating out of a nightclub featuring male exotic dancers. James Callahan. Rayner: John Vernon. Baxley: James Morrison. Lillian: Jo Anne Astrow.

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Episode 12

Death by Design

Mon, Apr 2, 1984 60 mins

The police aim to smoke out a hit man and the mob boss who hired him after a fashion designer and one of Jack's former partners are murdered. Robert Lansing, Luke Askew. Rafferty: Lance LeGault.

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Episode 13

Club Ten

Mon, Apr 9, 1984 60 mins

Walter and Automan accompany Roxanne to a spa on a tropical isle where her friend disappeared after learning of a diamond-smuggling ring. Chuck Wagner. Laura: Robin Eisenman. Geri: Barbra Horan. Roxanne: Heather McNair. Roger: Dennis Cole.

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