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Here Are the Burning Questions YOU Season 3 Needs to Answer

Wait, who is SHE?

Amanda Bell

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of YOU. Read at your own risk!]

Another season of Joe Goldberg's (Penn Badgley) creepy stalking adventures is in the books, and chances are, you're already ready for another round. But books is the operative word because YOUSeason 2 was based off of Caroline Kepnes' 2016 novel Hidden Bodies, and there's no follow-up to that novel series. So, we don't know what will happen in YOU Season 3 if (read: when) the series is renewed by Netflix.

That said, the events of YOU's second season did present quite a few burning questions that have yet to be answered by the show, so here's what we really hope the inevitable next season of YOU will clear up.

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What about after the baby is born? Before Love (Victoria Pedretti) told Joe she was carrying his child, it looked like he was well positioned to take her out. It's arguable what Joe's true motivation for wanting to kill Love was -- he said to himself that it was about protecting Ellie (Jenna Ortega) from her, but one could also surmise that he was disappointed that his picture-perfect image of Love had been forever changed. Later, Joe seemed to convince himself that he and Love were soulmates, but once they moved to the suburbs, he pitied himself a caged animal stuck in a trap of his own making. If he feels confined and miserable with his new life, what happens to Love after their baby is born? Will he pick up the blade once again to free himself?

Who is the mystery woman? The very last shot of YOU Season 2 introduced a new apparent obsession for Joe. Through the fence, he spied on his new neighbor and engaged in one of his disturbing inner monologues that made it clear that the woman had just been marked. All we know about her is that she was reading library books and writing about political history -- oh, and she was sporting a wedding ring, so this could be even more complicated than it already is. It's hard to know who'd be a bigger threat to this unsuspecting lady if she does indeed become the object of his twisted affection; would it be Joe himself or Love, if she ever finds out about his new-found fascination? In either case, this lady just got saddled with a nightmare neighbor situation and likely has no idea any of this is happening ... unless we're in for another Love-like twist, of course!

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Is Ellie done searching for answers? After taking Joe's advice to run far, far away from the Quinn family, Joe received a postcard which hinted that Ellie relocated to Key Largo. He has been funneling her more money, it seems, and they both followed through on his plan to keep it all a secret. But Ellie has never truly gotten answers about what happened to Delilah (Carmela Zumbado), and she previously insisted that her sister was the only thing that mattered. So, it's hard to believe she has disappeared for good. Plus, wouldn't Delilah's police friend also be on the case, even if the Quinns successfully pressured the rest of the LAPD to drop the investigation into the other death(s)?

Will the real Will Betteleheim please stand up? Ellie wasn't the only one corresponding with Joe at the end of the season. The first Will Bettelheim's (Robin Lord Taylor) postcard also hinted that he's still keeping tabs on Joe, but the question is why? Is he protecting himself by keeping an eye on a known threat, or is he planning some payback of his own considering his life was hijacked by Joe? Or, in a very door number three situation, does Will actually feel some sort of kindred spirit situation with Joe?

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Will there ever be justice for what happened in New York? In YOU Season 2, we were reminded that there is still some important unfinished business from Season 1 in play as well. Joe remembers just as well as we did that he has not fully answered for what he did to Peach Salinger ... and the biological evidence he left behind in her home (that is, the pee jar). Will her family's private investigator ever come through and bring him to justice?

Will the therapist change his mind? In the final episode of YOU Season 2 we did get some semblance of closure from the first season when it came to the character Dr. Nicky (John Stamos). Beck's (Elizabeth Lail) former therapist-turned-lover still maintained his innocence but also accepted that he belonged in jail for his many other moral failings. When visited by Forty (James Scully), Dr. Nicky refused to reveal what he knew about his former fake patient -- Joe Goldberg in disguise -- but perhaps if he finds out what happened to Forty and his sister after that visitation, he'll be willing to talk? After all, what does he have to lose at this point?

YOU Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix.

​Penn Badgley, YOU

Penn Badgley, YOU