YOU developed a small, but passionate fan base when it aired on Lifetime last fall, but since it hit Netflix in December the thriller has become an outright sensation. You can't spend time on Twitter without seeing people losing their minds over all the crazy twists or shouting out the genius that is Peach Sallinger (Shay Mitchell). But if you were hanging out on the social platform over the past 24 hours, you probably also noticed a new trend added to the mix: Penn Badgley checking fans who are lusting after his character, the murderous stalker Joe Goldberg.

In the series, Joe becomes obsessed with aspiring writer Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and does whatever he can to be with her (SPOILER ALERT: murdering her on-again, off-again boyfriend, murdering her best friend Peach, masturbating outside her curtain-less, ground floor apartment, etc. etc.). Eventually, Joe's obsession goes where we always knew it was going and he — HUGE SPOILER ALERT -- kidnaps Beck and kills her.

So romantic, right? NO, of course not! But that hasn't stopped fans from romanticizing Joe. Fortunately, Badgley has taken it upon himself to remind these misguided viewers that Joe is not someone to swoon over and that there is absolutely nothing romantic about his toxic behavior, nor does the fact that Joe is (let's face it) physically attractive mean anyone would be lucky to be the subject of his unhealthy infatuation and violent tendencies.

Everyone Is Finally Freaking Out Over YOU

So thank you, Penn Badgley, for reminding everyone that toxic masculinity, stalking and murder should always be dealbreakers, which, tbh, should be common sense.

YOU Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix now.