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Yellowstone Midseason Finale Sees Beth and Jamie Prepare For War

A quiet episode sets up a busy back half of the season.

Lauren Piester

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8, "A Knife and No Coin." Read at your on risk!]

Yellowstoneis officially on a break, and promising one heck of a second half of the season. Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie (Wes Bentley) are officially both on a mission to kill the other, and it's almost shocking it's taken this long for them to get to this point. It's also hard to imagine that anyone other than Beth will win this fight, but Jamie has proven he's not messing around these last few seasons. He's ready to battle his family, though he's also still got some weird ideas about his kid inheriting the ranch even after everything that's happened. Here's everything that went down in "A Knife and No Coin" and how it sets up the second half of the season.

Dutton Done: While John (Kevin Costner) gave a speech about how he would use the full power of his office to fight the impending pipeline, Jamie announced that he wanted to move to impeach. That sent Beth to his house, breaking in to beat him up and remind him of the fact that she's got a serious piece of blackmail she could release at any time. That's when Jamie told Beth all about that train station and the fact that both her father and husband have murdered multiple people over the course of their lives. 

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Beth then marched to the governor's mansion to confront her father, but she wasn't there to scold him for killing people. Instead, she thought that perhaps Jamie should take a trip to that metaphorical train station. Jamie, of course, isn't stupid, and immediately guessed that this is what Beth would do, so he asked Sarah (Dawn Olivieri) if she knew any hitmen. Of course, Sarah knows some hitmen. Apparently, they'll make it look like a heart attack, as if that's ever how Beth would go. 

Monica Takes Over: With all the changes going on at the ranch and all the bosses having to be away, John asked Monica (Kelsey Asbille) to take up residence on the ranch and take care of things, to help ensure that Tate (Brecken Merrill) would someday have a ranch to inherit. She agreed and said that all John ever had to do was ask, and when Kayce (Luke Grimes) approached her about it, she explained that she was hoping to choose both their little family and the Duttons. 

The Return of Jimmy: Everybody's favorite former troublemaker has finally returned, and he's truly a changed man. He and his fiancee Emily (Kathryn Kelly) are happy as hell, living together and making jokes and getting foot rubs. That's really it, but it was nice to see them again. 

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The Brand Explained: In a flashback, we saw when young Rip (Kyle Red Silverstein) received his brand, which happened after John (Josh Lucas) helped him dispose of the body of the ranch hand he accidentally killed. Young John then offered the explanation for the brand that we've never gotten before: "Long time ago, cowboys would drift in and get work on some outfit, then disappear. A few months later, a whole chunk of the herd would disappear. It was the cowboys who started it. You find out real fast who's willing to ride for the brand when they find out they gotta wear it. Our cattle stopped getting stolen after that. What that means today is you're committing yourself to this ranch for the rest of your life and this ranch is committing itself to you. You will have a home til the day you die, or this ranch is no more." 

Yellowstone continues Sundays at 8/7c on Paramount Network. Seasons 1-4 are now available to stream on Peacock.

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