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Wynonna Earp Fans Rally to Save the Show After Troublesome Season 4 Delay

The star and creator are urging Earpers to #FightforWynonna

Sadie Gennis

Bad news, Earpers. Production on Wynonna Earp's fourth season has been delayed, TV Guide has confirmed. Production company IDW Entertainment is currently seeking ways to fund the anticipated new episodes of the cult Syfy drama and has delayed production as a result, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Although the series, which stars Melanie Scrofano as the titular demon-fighting hero, airs on Syfy, IDW owns the rights to the show and is responsible for paying the costs of production; the company is also contractually obligated to deliver the fourth season, which was ordered by Syfy in July. Meanwhile, Syfy remains committed to the series, but the network is not in control of the show's production.

"Syfy ordered Season 4 of Wynonna Earp from IDW and is completely committed to the series. This has not changed," the network said in a statement to TV Guide.

IDW also released a statement Friday afternoon emphasizing their own commitment to Wynonna Earp. "Much like the fans, we are passionate about not only the series, but the comics, the characters and the overall message that the Wynonna Earp franchise carries. We are in the process of working out the details for how the Wynonna story will continue and will share new details very soon," the statement read.

Friday's report about the delay explains some cryptic tweets shared by the team behind Wynonna on Thursday. Star Scrofano allegedly wrote in now-deleted tweets that she didn't know what was going on with the delay, only that Wynonna was not currently in production despite usually filming at this point in the year. Showrunner Emily Andras also reportedly asked fans on Twitter if they were ready to fight for the series before deleting that tweet. She later wrote and kept up the equally ominous tweet, "Don't f--- with my family."

​Wynonna Earp
Michelle Faye Fraser/Syfy

In response to Scrofano and Andras' tweets, the show trended worldwide on Thursday evening as Earpers rallied to raise awareness of the series and put pressure on IDW to deliver the new season.

On Friday morning, Andras added: "Sorry I made you change out of your hiatus pants into your battle pantaloons but I waited as long as I could by myself. Thanks for showing up." Scrofano also shared a thread detailing an Earper's plan to "#FightforWynonna."

While this news is incredibly upsetting, it doesn't mean we should give up hope of getting Wynonna Earp Season 4; we'll probably just have to wait a little longer to find out what the hell happened after Doc (Tim Rozon) disappeared into the Garden of Eden. And in the meantime, we can always amuse ourselves by rewatching the first three seasons on Netflix and following the casts' endlessly charming Instagram and Twitter accounts. Oh, and keep that #FightforWynonna hashtag trending.