Unlike other reboots that try to change things around, Will & Grace will be totally different...by remaining the same. At least, according to a new promo released by NBC on Thursday, and, of course, ignoring what happened in the series "finale."

In the video, which features brand new footage from the series, Jack (Sean Hayes) remains as selfish as ever even when he's talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's divorce. Karen (Megan Mullally) might be a Trump supporter but if you really think about it, that makes perfect sense for her character. Will and Grace (Eric McCormack and Debra Messing), now childless and unmarried, are still close friends making the best of their metropolitan lives.

When the series returns in September, we'll pick up a decade later with Grace now a successful interior designer still living with Will. Jack still lives right across the hall but has now turned to social dating sites like Grindr in his never-ending quest for love. Plus, Karen, who jams to Fox News as we've seen in the trailer, never let go of her love of vodka.

Will & Grace Returns to Form in Hilarious New Promo

Will & Grace makes its way back to television on Thursday, Sept. 28 at 9/8c on NBC.