Priyanka Chopra Priyanka Chopra

Olivia Pope, Annalise Keating and Kate Beckett will be getting some more kickass company this fall with Quantico's Alex Parrish, played by Priyanka Chopra. On ABC's newest drama, Alex arrives at the FBI academy determined to not only become one of the United States' best agents, but also discover a dark secret about her father. Unfortunately for her, she ends up being the prime suspect for a terrorist attack.

Chopra joined executive producer Mark Gordon and writer Joshua Safran Tuesday at the Television Critics Association fall previews to discuss the new drama. Here are three reasons why we're sure she'll kick butt on Quantico.

1. "She's Jason Bourne in female form." Chopra's description really can't get better than that. Growing up, the actress never saw anybody who looked like her on television, "and this was an opportunity for me to change that. Any actress from any part of the world who wants to be good at their job would want to play Alex Parrish," she said.

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2. Chopra is upping her fighting game. With a background in action movies, Chopra knows what it takes to pull off all of the badass stunts you would expect from a top FBI agent, but she has been really challenging herself to train for Quantico, even spending time with real agents to research for the part. "We have a lot of action sequences, you have to be extremely physically fit," she said. While trying to shoot 15-hour days, which she was not at all prepared for, she said, "we're also trying to train whenever we can."

The show may not be showing all of the exhaustive training that agents go through, but yes, "they do make us do jumping jacks for three hours."

3. Chopra took a master class from Kevin Spacey After learning from the best, she took the lesson to heart about reveling in the questions that can surround a character and a show's plot. Not knowing who the terrorist is on Quantico "keeps me on my toes," she said, "and it's frighteningly exciting as an actor.

"They tell me nothing! Is that how TV works, that you don't know?" she asked, noting that the only thing she does know for sure about her character is who she is, who her parents are and what she wants to accomplish - she's in the dark about what Alex will discover during Season 1.

Check out the Quantico trailer below! Will you be tuning in?