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What's on Netflix This Week: Shadow and Bone, Amanda Seyfried in Things Heard & Seen

Plus: A show that will help you finally get some sleep

Tim Surette

This week, Netflix is here to freak you out and calm you down. The big new release of the week is the premiere of Shadow and Bone, the fantasy series about a young woman stuck between the powers of light and darkness and her feelings between one cute boy and another handsome man. It's tough out there! There's also the new horror movie Things Heard & Seen, starring Amanda Seyfried as someone who should have done a little more research before buying a home.

And if those two options get your brain all hyped up and unable to relax, check out Headspace Guide to Sleep, a self-help show that'll teach you got to get some Zs. Below are all the new releases on Netflix for the week of April 23-29, 2021.

All titles debut on Friday, April 23 unless otherwise noted. Here's what came out on Netflix last week.

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The Biggest Releases

Things Heard & Seen
Here's an easy way to sell a movie: Amanda Seyfried walks around a haunted house. Bam! Where do I buy tickets? Seyfried stars in this adaptation of Elizabeth Brundage's horror novel All Things Cease to Appear as a woman who moves into a historic hamlet in the Hudson Valley with her seemingly dreamy husband, and oh boy, I think I know where this one goes. As a bonus, the kickass cast includes James Norton, Natalia Dyer, and Rhea Seehorn. [Thursday, April 29]

Shadow and Bone, Season 1
You know you need another young adult fantasy series in your life, but unlike most of the others, this one is actually pretty good. Based on Leigh Bardugo's dueling Grishaverse novel series, Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows, the big-budget series follows a young woman who discovers she's in possession of a power that can save the kingdom, natch. The tone is somewhere between Game of Thrones and something you'd find on Freeform, with a dark color scheme and violence mixing it up with love triangles. If you liked The Witcher but could do without the occasional silliness of that show, you'll probably like this. Fair warning: the world-building of the first two episodes can get a little tedious, but it gets better after that. [Trailer]

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Everything Else

This Netflix original anime is set in an alternate feudal Japan and tells the story of the "Black Samurai," a warrior of African descent who protects a young girl with powers from forces who want to harm her. The GZA, the RZA, Ghostface Killah, and the rest of the Wu crew would be all over this. [Thursday, April 29]

Murder by the Coast
Some want a quiet life by the coast, some want a house by the coast. True crime freaks want murder by the coast. This Spanish film about the murder of a teenage boy in 1999 delivers that. [No trailer]

Tell Me When
In this Mexican comedy film, a workaholic reassesses his life after his grandfather dies, and, with the help of friends, goes to Mexico to fulfill his granddad's dream of him seeing the sites and falling in love. [Trailer]

A simple housecleaner decides to really clean house -- by murdering people -- as she searches for her missing husband. [Trailer / Tuesday, April 27]

Go! Go! Cory Carson, Season 4
Your little tyke who's jonesing for more Go! Go! Cory Carson will finally get their fix. Put down the water gun, little Timmy! [Trailer / Tuesday, April 27] 

Headspace Guide to Sleep, Season 1
The Headspace app moves from meditation to sleep in its second series for Netflix, helping insomniacs take the sleepy train to Slumbertown instead of the anxiety wagon to Night Terror Station through animated tips and tricks and a narrator with the most soothing British accent you'll hear. [Trailer / Wednesday, April 28] 

Sexify, Season 1
What if Sex Education was set in college and also in Poland and instead of a guy giving sex advice in a bathroom it was a young woman who created an app that studied female orgasms? [Trailer / Wednesday, April 28]

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