We have been filling our gournal journal with hopes for a follow-up to Wet Hot American Summer since the cult comedy premiered in 2001. Now, 14 years later, Netflix is finally making our dreams a reality with an eight-episode prequel series, First Day of Camp.

Michael Showalter, Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler and the rest of our favorite fake 16-year-olds will all return for the series, which will take place on the first day of camp at Camp Firewood in 1981.

Normally, our gournal journal is only for three people - me, myself and I - but in honor of First Day of Camp's upcoming release, we're going to share with you our 16 deepest wishes for the anticipated series.

Watch the first trailer for Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

1. Coop's special way with the ladies.

2. The awesome team that is Susie and Ben.

3. The story behind the Can of Vegetables.

4. A jam-packed trip to town. Because it's nice to get away, even if it's just for an hour.

5. Paul Rudd making this face.

6. A call from inside the camp.

7. More of Gene's unique proclivities.

8. A good cry.

9. Katie getting her priorities straight.

10. Awkward teenage flirtation.

11. That leads to awkward teenage make-outs.

12. Barbecue sauce.

13. An epic chase scene.

14. The perfect goodbye.

15. A rom-com worthy declaration of love.

16. Anything to take us "Higher and Higher."

All eight episodes of Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp will be released on Netflix on July 31.