Question: For two weeks you said you would have some Criminal Minds scoop, but I have yet to see it. What gives?

Answer: Sorry for the delay, but I didn't want to scoop the item I had running in this week's TV Guide, which went a little something like this: Think you're smarter than Mandy Patinkin? Here's your chance to prove it. In Criminal Minds' May 10 season finale, Patinkin and his fellow agents will find themselves at the mercy of a serial killer who leaves behind a series of coded clues and riddles all of which lead them to a hostage. By the end of the episode, the team (and you guys) will have every clue they need to solve the case, and they'll have four months until the second-season premiere in September to do so. All of which brings me back to my original question: Think you're smarter than Mandy Patinkin? Do you!?