Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Lucy Griffiths Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Lucy Griffiths

OK, let's face it, summer is here. Sure, it may not be June 21 yet, but even you calendar purists can admit that Memorial Day pretty much kicks off the season. Once ya start grilling encased meats, it's on. Which usually means your favorite shows aren't.

However, that doesn't mean TV is the wasteland it used to be in the post-finale days. If you picked up last week's TV Guide Magazine (still on stands), you saw that this summer, in particular, is loaded with good stuff on the way — True Blood, Teen Wolf, the end of The Closer, White Collar, Pretty Little Liars, TNT's fantastic Dallas reboot, yes, even Bachelor Pad (don't judge!) are all on our DVR schedules. Oh, and Duets...if they can keep up the fun energy of last week's premiere. 

So we're curious: What are your must-see summer shows? Do you find yourself awash in reality like So You Think You Can Dance, or do you camp out on cable for things like Necessary Roughness? Share below and we'll try to make sure they get Watercoolered in the coming months!

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