Pretty Little Liars Pretty Little Liars

OK, we need to talk about "A."

In less than one week, Pretty Little Liars will finally identify Rosewood's resident cyberstalker, and as of last night's scary, scandalous and sooo juicy episode, the list of suspects is longer than Hanna's criminal record. Is it a girl? A guy? A couple? After all, Kid Creepy at the Doll Store of Our Perpetual Nightmares did say it was a pair who came snooping around. So in honor of the upcoming season-finale reveal, we have compiled a rundown of possible perpetrators. Note that some of our suspicions are inspired by twists in the book series, but we're not gonna spoil them outright, in case y'all are still reading them. Also, note the last letter in the first five names. Coincidence?

Mona: She has been getting a lot of screen time lately...and have we ever seen her actually get a text?

Jenna: Knew she could see! Bet she's hiding something other than her restored vision.

Melissa: Let's face it, Spencer's sister is crazycakes.

Ezra: This all started at the same time he showed up to teach at Rosewood High.

Maya: Like Mr. Fitz, she showed up around the same time the texts began. And she is so clearly lying about being a teenager.

Ali's Twin: "Vivian Darkbloom" could be more than just our dead frenemy's alter ego.

Toby's chin dimple: That thing has powers.

Mike: Why else is he needed?   

Noel Kahn: Someone that hot has got to be damaged. (P.S. Noel, call us!)

Sean: Whatever happened to Hanna's virginal ex-boyfriend?

Now it's on you, gang. Share your ideas, opinions, conspiracy theories, everything. Who do you think is "A"? Do we really think Garrett killed Ali? And more importantly, how are we ever supposed to get the image of those messed up dolls out of our heads?!

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