Happy Endings Happy Endings

More people need to be watching Happy Endings. Period.

A grower more than shower, Happy originally failed to wow the masses when it debuted amid a schedule already crowded with Friends-like ensembles (Perfect Couples, Mad Love, Traffic Light) that all felt the same. But as the weeks have passed, so too has the feeling that we're watching a cookie-cutter comedy. The dialogue is snappy and hip ("shut your whore mouth" is a keeper), the cast is charming, and, for a certain demographic, the characters are the kind you look forward to spending time with. It's the thirtysomething answer to Cougar Town, another extremely likeable series that had its fair share of haters early on.

Last night's back-to-back episodes were a prime example of why this show should be clogging up your DVR. Not that either of them changed the face of comedy or even a-MAH-zing. It's just that they were breezy, good times that sparked with occasional wit, frequently made us laugh... and ignited a strange need to watch Showgirls in Spanish. Not too shabby for a sitcom, right? Except for the "Showgirls" thing. That's all on us.

So does it stand a chance? No idea. 'Tis the season of cancellations and renewals, and with Fox already picking up The New Girl with Happy costar Damon Wayans Jr., that can't be taken as a good sign. But recasts happen all the time with pilots (especially if an actor is contractually bound to a previous project), so if ABC were smart, they'd OK a second season and see if they can build on its already growing audience come fall. Otherwise, there will be little happiness for fans of the rare 2011 sitcom that actually entertained us, leaving us all at risk of more Mr. Sunshine. Do you want that? Thought not.

What about you? Are you enjoying Happy Endings? Does it deserve to be renewed?

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