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Watercooler: The League Drinks Up a Big Ol' Forte

You gotta love a show that's never met a line it wasn't afraid to cross.

Damian Holbrook

You gotta love a show that's never met a line it wasn't afraid to cross.
Having covered everything from public defecation to janitor racism to the sexual allure of sports bra ads, FX's The League served up another patently crass and hilarious episode last night that may have been enough to drive Dr. Drew to drink. God knows it did a number on the gang's newly sober pal!
Guest starring SNL's Will Forte as Chuck, Andre and Company's out-of-town fantasy football bud who had transformed himself from junk-flashing playboy to recovering goody-goody, the episode had some pounder-sized fun at the expense of overly uptight ex-drinkers. We probably should have started reciting the Serenity Prayer for the poor, straight-laced dude the second Ruxin started popping ill-gotten painkillers and Kevin wound up with a bag of blow the size of a baby's head (don't ask). But why bother? This crew knows nothing about moderation — as evidenced in their riotous reverse-intervention of Chuck — and it's always been the show's refusal to hold anything sacred, even recovery, that makes it so addictive.
Of course Forte's character fell off the wagon and back into his old ways, which means we could see him again...if he survived that mixology party at Andre's. But even if Chuck decides to steer clear of Chicago and the booze-fueled friends, we'll always have the memory of his laugh-out-loud last night in town. And that final image of him "sitting in gum" on Ruxin's head.
Did you check out The League? Are these guys too much or too meh for you?
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