Cory Monteith, Lea Michele Cory Monteith, Lea Michele

For the second week in a row, the Tuesday night treat that was rapidly going from a hit to a "huh?" nailed it with an episode that had — wait for it — actual plot. No Britney numbers. No forced guest stars. No reasons to check out.

It's amazing how satisfying a show can be when the characters we invested in a year ago get to do something more than set-dress a stunt. And to utilize them in such a crafty manner (having the kids team up for duets) gave the entire choir something to do. Artie lost his virginity to Brittany and gained a spine by standing up to her for being blasé about it. Mercedes found a Wonder Twin of Divadom in Santana. Rachel finally realized she was annoying and reached out to Kurt, who finally realized that he was kind of a predator with Finn last season. And best of all, our beloved Quinn got several meaty scenes, a number with newbie Sam and the beginnings of a romantic storyline. On top of that, she scored a free dinner at Breadstix. Heaven!

And then there were the numbers. Somehow, amid all of these developments, the powers-that-be also found time to fit in tunes that drove the story instead of drowning out the characters. But how do you pick a favorite when the options include Kurt's killer "Le Jazz Hot" from Victor/Victoria, the Mercedes-Santana take on "River Deep, Mountain High" and a soaring, if entirely offensive, rendition of "With You, I'm Born Again" by Finn and Rachel?

We can't. Can you? What was your favorite Glee moment last night?

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