Not gonna lie, it was not love at first sight for The Watercooler and the B---- in Apartment 23. We were in a weird place, our thoughts weren't right.

But now? Obsessed! It's funny as hell, completely inappropriate, and perfectly fills that Wednesday night friends-comedy spot vacated by Happy Endings. It's like the anti-New Girl, which we also adore. And although a ton of attention has been lavished on the majesty of James Van Der Beek playing a total jag version of himself ("you're everywhere and nowhere, Dawson!") we need to discuss the delightful Dreama Walker and Krysten Ritter. Or as we like to call them, "Laverne & Surly."

In last week's premiere, there was maybe too much animosity between Walker's naïve June and Ritter's Holly-Go-F-Yourself Chloe. Between the "you sold my furniture" and the "you slept with my fiancé on my birthday cake," things were a little shrill and Chloe was a lot to swallow. Amorality is a hard sell, especially when served with a side of aggressive sarcasm.

But last night, the pair just clicked. Walker found that sweet spot of sweet, sassy and sexy, and Ritter softened Chloe's hardest edges from the pilot by adding a layer of self-awareness beneath the party girl's surface self-centeredness. She's also spectacularly watchable. Honestly, we could totally see ourselves spending countless nights enjoying these two as they spar their way into more twisted scenarios like dad-dating or wedding slap-matches (that's coming, we've already seen it, and it's fab), while forging a friendship with benefits...for us, at least. June, maybe not so much.

What about you? Do you love the B---- in Apartment 23, too?

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