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"Get the girl," Alaric told Damon at the end of last week's Vampire Diaries. But will he?

By the end of that episode, Elena (Nina Dobrev) had her emotions back, but was mainly consumed with defeating Katherine, and reuniting and ultimately saying goodbye to her brother Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen). Echoing the Season 3 finale with the big question of who — if anyone —will Elena choose, the Season 4 ender will leave viewers with a clear notion, again, of where she stands.

The Vampire Diaries: Is Elena really herself again?

"Definitely at the end of the season we're right back to where we started, which is what does Elena really feel and who does she feel it for?" executive producer Julie Plec says in this week's Vampire Diaries Bite. "One of those three [will also make] very clear steps to move on and start a new life and then the complications that come out of that will be a big part of Season 5."

With the Salvatore Brothers uniting for the sake of Elena's struggles this season, will they once again diverge when Elena makes her feelings known? Plec says that the recovery will come in baby steps.

"I've always said that, for me, the true love story of the show is the love between those brothers," Plec says. "Every time they come together, something tears them apart and usually it's their own actions. Inevitably, there's the love for the same girl and history repeating itself that drives a wedge between them all the time, but it's baby steps. This season there were a lot of hiccups and ... with luck, the brothers will be able to survive them."

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Looking back on the season, Plec shares that taking Elena from human to newbie vampire to emotionless bitch, and back to feeling again was the most satisfying story to tell.

"The most fun we had this season was being able to take Elena on the worst roller coaster ride of her life," she says. "We took her to dark places, angry places, bitchy places and as writers, and for [Nina] too, it was such a fun year to be able to explore all the different sides of Elena from deep, deep grief to just being a nasty person. Then, we had the fun of putting that nasty person against nasty Katherine, and there is still so much fun to be had there before the season is out."

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