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Up All Night executive producer Emily Spivey has reason to stay out late and celebrate. Her critically acclaimed comedy, which stars Christina Applegate and Will Arnett as new parents, moves to the comedy big leagues — NBC's Thursday night lineup, behind The Office — starting January 12. Spivey tackled our show-runner survey to explain why her sitcom is worth staying Up All Night for.

TV Guide Magazine: I've got room for one new show on my DVR. Why should it be yours?
Emily Spivey:
It's funny and relatable, even if you don't have a baby. There's a little something for everyone. (For the non-parents in the audience, Maya Rudolph plays a self-absorbed, kid-free talk show host.) 

TV Guide Magazine: What happens if we don't watch your show?
I will personally come to your front door or place of business, open mouth crying, possibly a little drunk, and ask you a million times, "Why won't you love me?"

TV Guide Magazine: What's the best thing anyone has said or written about your show?
"You're writing our life!"

TV Guide Magazine: And what's the worst thing anyone has said or written?
"Babies kill comedy." I don't think that's true. Not yet.

TV Guide Magazine: Give us an alternate title for your show.
Over Our Heads. But that was already used as Mrs. Edna Garrett's novelty store-slash-bakery on The Facts of Life.

TV Guide Magazine: If you weren't the showrunner for Up All Night, which series would you most like to work on?
The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

TV Guide Magazine: Pick a rival show to start a fight with.
Parks and Recreation. (Where, not so coincidentally, Spivey previously wrote). [Cocreator] Mike Schur, I'm gonna kill you. With kisses.

TV Guide Magazine: Let's scare the network. Tell us an idea that didn't make it out of the writers' room.
I can't reveal the idea but the episode is called "Fart Department."

TV Guide Magazine: Of your cast members, who would fare best on Dancing with the Stars?
Christina Applegate! She danced on Broadway in Sweet Charity.

TV Guide Magazine: What makes your cast the best on TV?
They are straight-up geniuses. Even our babies are straight-up baby geniuses.  Straight-up. Wait, did I use the term "straight-up" too many times just then? 

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