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7 Questions The Umbrella Academy on Netflix Needs to Answer in Season 2

WTF is the deal with Hargreeves, anyways?

Sadie Gennis

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for The Umbrella Academy.]

Netflix's latest superhero hit, The Umbrella Academy, ended its first season ended on a major cliffhanger, with the Hargreeves siblings deciding to travel back in time to help their sister Vanya (Ellen Page) so that she never incites the apocalypse and accidentally destroys the world. But whether or not Vanya can actually be fixed or the world can actually be saved -- particularly with The Commission out to stop these very things -- there are still many, many other questions fans are left pondering over once they finish the 10-episode first season. As of now, the Netflix series has yet to be renewed for a Season 2, but we're already rounding up our wish list for what the potential new episodes need to address. Here are the seven biggest burning questions we're going to need Season 2 to answer.

1. What caused the pregnancies, and will we see the other babies? The seven children Hargreeves (Colm Feore) adopted were only a small percentage of the 43 babies who were born on that October day in 1989. Seeing as all seven Hargreeves kids have superpowers, we can only imagine that the rest do too. So where are they? Why aren't there more superheroes or supervillains running around? When we asked showrunner Steve Blackman and comics author Gerard Way whether we'd see any of the other 43 kids, they coyly said that it was a really good question that they couldn't answer. That is definitely not a no, so we're going to keep our fingers crossed for the kids to show up down the line.

And speaking of those kids, are we ever going to learn more about what caused the pregnancies? Based on the scene where Klaus (Robert Sheehan) seemingly meets God, it appears as though that's who caused the pregnancies -- but why? It can't just be to stop the apocalypse, because clearly God didn't need 43 kids to do that. So what is her divine plan? Or does she even really have one?

​Umbrella Academy

2. What is Hargreeves and where did he come from? We get some insight into Hargreeves' backstory in this season, but those flashbacks raised more questions than provided answers. He seemingly left his dying wife in order to save the world, but the planet he was on -- which doesn't appear to be Earth -- was filled with spaceships taking off, and then he had some magical floating lights, too. If Hargreeves is an alien (which he is in the comics), then why was it up to him to form the Umbrella Academy? What was happening on his own planet that was causing the mass evacuation? How did he even know about the apocalypse? Also, does he have super cool alien powers? We need to know!

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3. What else is Klaus capable of? Over the course of the season, we watched Klaus get more in touch with his abilities as he sobered up. This culminated in Klaus discovering that he can make the ghost of Ben (Justin H. Min) corporeal enough to interact with the physical world, which proved extremely useful when the Commission sent an army of assassins after the Academy. In the comics, Klaus' abilities are actually even greater than this, so are we even close to seeing his full powers yet?

"Oh, of course not," Robert Sheehan teased. "Surely he's still blossoming in the potential arena. Surely. There's bound to be more stuff to discover." But what exactly those powers may be remains a mystery for now.

​Umbrella Academy

4. Will the rest of the academy find out what Diego did to Mom? Given everything else that went down, it's easy to forget that Diego (David Castañeda) murdered their mother (Jordan Claire Robbins). Sure, she was brought back by Pogo (Adam Godley), but still! Does she remember? If so, does she understand why he did it? And also, will his siblings find out what he did?

Because Diego's actions aren't immediately relevant to the task at hand (ie: "fixing" Vanya and saving the world), it might be a while before this is explored more. But per Gerard Way, "there's a possibility, for sure" that we'll see more of that storyline play out.

"There's a lot of really cool things that Steve [Blackman] expanded on in the first season that could be explored later on," Way said. "You know, Umbrella Academy always had a lot of little mysteries in it. Mike Richardson from Dark Horse would say it's one of these things, it's just a mystery box. It keeps opening and there's another mystery inside. And Steve added his own. So I think we can see repercussions of all these different things."

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5. Will Allison get her voice back? We are still in shock from Vanya accidentally slitting her sister's throat, to be honest. And while we're extremely relieved Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) was able to survive the attack, it's heartbreaking that she lost her voice, not to mention her powers.

It would be interesting to see how the series would deal with a mute character moving forward -- and we hope that she doesn't get her voice back right away so we can live in the repercussions of that tragedy for a bit longer -- but at the same time, we really do doubt this will last forever. The real question, then, is how she'll get her voice back. If they go the way of the comics, then Allison's voice will come back, but it comes at a cost... and one that some of her siblings will be seriously upset by. But they've changed so much in the series, that we can't really assume it will happen in the same way.

​Umbrella Academy

6. How did Ben die? Ben's death has to be addressed at some point, right? However, the comics have yet to reveal exactly what happened to the doomed brother and they're already almost done with the third volume, so this question may not be answered for a good long while in the show. But also, will Ben even stay dead? Now that they're jumping back in time and messing with the timeline, will the family try to go back and save Ben too? We can only imagine how much that would piss off the Commission, though, so trying to save Ben might wind up costing one of the Academy members their life if they attempt this feat.

7. What happened to Mr. Puddles? Seriously, though. It felt like every time Vanya was home her poor neighbor couldn't find her cat Mr. Puddles. WHERE IS MR. PUDDLES? IS HE OK?! We can handle all the violence in the show against humans, but once you start messing with cats, we draw the line.

The Umbrella Academy is available to stream on Netflix.

Additional reporting by Megan Vick