Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/ Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

Members of the Los Angeles-based Ugly Betty crew who have lost their jobs as a result of the production's move to New York city are said to be taking out an ad in Friday's Variety, blaming Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for letting the Big Apple poach the ABC series.

The ad, cited by Nikki Finke's DeadlineHollywoodDaily, reads: "We were informed this Tuesday that the production of our show is moving... primarily because of the 35 percent tax incentives being offered by the state of New York. Instead of making good wages and paying our fair share of California state income tax, we will all be collecting Unemployment Benefits." Vendors who had been supported by Betty will suffer financially, as well.

"While the loss of our individual positions may be insignificant, the loss of this production is staggering," continues the open letter. "We implore you to do everything in your power to level the playing field and bring our jobs back to California by enacting meaningful incentives."

What's your take? Is the Governator surprisingly out of tune with keeping Hollywood in Hollywood? - MWM

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