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The Week in Superlatives: Best Dressed, Clearest Callback, and Most Intriguing Exit

Here are the standout moments of the week in TV

Amanda Bell

Happy Friday! After another sweltering August week, the weekend is finally upon us. But before we get to that, please enjoy our regular roundup of the most standout moments of the week in TV.

The instant inspo: Simone Biles. If those two words don't already make you burst with pride, just wait 'til you get a load of her history-making triple-double flip on the mat during Sunday's U.S. Gymnastics Championship. Not only did this jaw-dropping move help Biles secure another all-around title win, but it also gave us all the perfect clip to come back to whenever we need some motivation. Just watch this woman work.

Clearest callback: Fear the Walking Dead's latest episode offered a refreshing change of pace from a wonky season, as the survivors filmed a documentary of themselves doing hero things in the hopes of recruiting others to their way of life. Their central task of the day was helping a woman and child who'd been stuck inside their house for years on account of all the landmines her husband had rigged in their yard, and their self-made barricade reminded Morgan (Lennie James) of a dark time in his own life when he'd holed himself up in isolation and despair. Whether he's ready to finally process his losses after all this time remains to be seen, but this was a nice nod to one of The Walking Dead's finest hours, and he even made sure to say the word "clear" as a reference to that standout segment's title.

Sickest sibling smackdown: Of course this one goes to Succession. Of course it does. The Roys are back for Season 2, and there was hell to pay for Kendall's (Jeremy Strong) attempted coup of Logan's (Brian Cox) media empire. Right away, Kendall was handed some major humiliation from his father; he had to eat crow in front of a nationwide audience and spit in the faces of his former co-conspirators. But Logan's savagery paled in comparison to what Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) had to say. These two, who suddenly found themselves in line to lead the company, didn't hesitate to dress Ken down for all his newfound sycophancy ... before they started turning on each other and kissing up to dear old dad themselves, of course. Of the many ice-cold insults lobbed by the pair, Shiv's was perhaps the truest: "Dad's gonna play a merry tune on you and then throw you out the f---ing window. You know that, right?"

Most outrageous fight scene: Very few shows could deliver a fight scene quite as batty as what Preacher pulled off in its most recent episode. The scene saw Jesse (Dominic Cooper) single-handedly beating down a hall full of costumed deviants, and if their wardrobe and weapon choices weren't ambitiously weird enough, the whole bloody thing was done in one take.

Most chilling chopstick use: The Terror: Infamy is finally underway, and it wasted exactly zero time getting under our skin in the premiere. The very first scene featured a woman curiously using eating utensils to apply her makeup, which would be quirky and maybe even a little cool if not for what she was possessed (literally) to do next with her chopsticks. Talk about setting a tone.

Most intriguing exit: Animal Kingdom star Ellen Barkin might not be too thrilled with what happened to her character, Smurf, in the show's most recent episode. Although she wished the other Codys well on Twitter, TV Line reports that she also tapped the like button on a lot of tweets disparaging her character's fate.

Best reset: True Detective might have made the whole "time is a flat circle" concept into a meme during the McConaissance, but FX's Legionbrought the notion to reality with a finale that concluded right where it began, with baby David (Dan Stevens in adult form) lying in his crib. The intensely trippy superhero-ish series spent its three seasons exploring the root of David's deviance, but, in its final bow, it was his dad Charles Xavier who realized how much his absence contributed to David's downfall. With the help of one last time-bend, he got the chance to un-abandon his family and give his son a fresh shot at being -- to borrow Syd's (Rachel Keller) phrase -- "a good boy." He also expressed an interest in teaching, setting into motion his eventual relationship with the X-Men.

The "let them fight" moment: The Handmaid's Tale's Season 3 finale concluded a brutal season on a semi-hopeful note, as June (Elisabeth Moss) finally accomplished something significant in her quiet war with Gilead. As icing on the cake, the episode also indicated that Serena Joy (Yvonne Strahovski) wouldn't be getting her icy hands on baby Nichole any time soon after Fred (Joseph Fiennes) decided to return her backstabbing favor by telling Canadian officials all about how she willingly participated in her own crimes against humanity. We still don't know how much more of this bleak show we can endure, but seeing the Waterfords destroy themselves instead of innocent people was a bitter treat.

Best dressed: CBS All Access' Why Women Kill premiered this week, and if you haven't seen it yet, prepare to have some serious closet envy over Lucy Liu's character, Simone. Every single stitch is so '80s it hurts. This is a woman who knows how to rock an abundance of flashy accessories. We wouldn't be surprised if the big twist ahead is that it's her looks that do the killing.

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​Ellen Barkin, Animal Kingdom

Ellen Barkin, Animal Kingdom