One Tree Hill
Aiiight, so it was Lucas who saved Dan. You guys were right. Damn that meddling kid! God, we'd all be so much better off without that tool. Then again, that would leave us in serious need of a villain, and that witchypoo-looking high-school hag teasing my Haley totally won't cut it. Nor will Ellie, now that we know that Peyton's prodigal mama was only scoring weed to deal with her cancer symptoms. Didn't really see that one coming. What I did see was

Hilarie Burton doing some of her best work ever. Oooh, the heartache. And how odd to have her there to stop Dan from throttling Lucas. Being Nathan's ex, she's probably seen the Bad Dad of the Century acting up, but murderous? I was half expecting her to announce that she was the one who tried to torch his sorry butt. Huh. Maybe it was Keith. Or Karen. Or Jules. Or Deb. Or Whitey. Or Nathan. Or Andy. Wow, Dan doesn't really have any friends, does he? Hell, even Brooke probably has a motive. Oh well, whoever it was, let's just hope they keep trying. As for myself, it's time for a little break to focus on the all-new all-color big TV Guide magazine. So even though it'll be a spell before I make another online visit to Tree Hill, Wisteria Lane or the fake Orange County (I'm sticking with Laguna Beach since we're so close to the end), don't think for a second that Pepito the Wonder Chihuahua and I won't be watching along and loving all the dramas that have made hangin' out with you at the Watercooler so much fun.   Damian J. Holbrook

Has it really only been four days since the rafters left the island? I guess the summerlong hiatus just made it seem like it's been much longer. But I have to give the continuity directors a whole lot of credit: They completely remember all the little details, like keeping that one handcuff on Jin. And I'm not trying to be all biased or anything, but my favorite backstories last season were Jin and Sun's... they were just so moving. So I was more than a little excited about tonight, and the talented writers and the amazing actors didn't disappoint. This intertwined episode showed how their paths originally crossed. Talk about love at first sight. So sweet. Plus, it showed that neither Jin nor Sun was willing to be walked all over by those wealthy snobs at the Seoul Gateway Hotel. The flashbacks were perfectly juxtaposed with Sun's lost wedding ring and Jin's loyal jungle trek searching for his friend Michael. And leave it to oddball Locke to come up with the whole theory that if you want to find something, sometimes it is best to stop looking. It worked for Sun hopefully it will work for Michael on his quest for Walt. I watched a bunch of times, and I still couldn't count exactly how many of the "others" there were. I kept coming up with random numbers like 11 or 12, but the moving camera angles made it a little bit tricky. Eleven or 12 don't match any of the known numbers, so I'm thinking maybe there were more, or my count is totally off. And what's up with the kid with the teddy bear? It didn't look like Walt. Oh, those others...they are so sneaky, mysterious and utterly baffling. Echo seems to be on top of their game though. I had chills when he grabbed Jin and hid with him in the bushes. And when Jin asked in his rapidly improving English if he was married, did he say "worse" or "divorce"? Either way, I can't wait to find out more about him. Not sure I can say the same about his "tailie" pal Ana-Lucia. I like her banter with Sawyer, but I'd watch my back around her. I just can't believe we have to wait weeks before we get to find out the amazing big twist teased in the promo. Guess that just gives me more time to go back and rewatch the first few episodes of this season...for, like, the fourth time.

How could the castaways have survived their plane crash? Find out.  Angel Cohn

Veronica Mars
I was just complaining earlier this week about how boring the whole subplot with Wallace's mom being followed by a mystery man seemed. I can't remember who I was talking to at the time, but I'd really like to take that back now... please? The Neil guy is really Wallace's father? And I'd like to say that Rob Thomas (the VM godfather not the Matchbox 20 guy) is truly an honest man of his word. In his Q&A the other day, he promised that Wallace's little bro would be making a return appearance soon, and lo and behold there he was. Now the question is, is he Wallace's half brother, or is Mr. Chicago cop his papa, too? Oh, and Wallace's new gal pal: I've got a feeling that the self-centered New Yorker is gonna stomp all over his little heart. And he even tried to turn down the persistent Ms. Mars to swap spit with the hottie, but honey, in Wallace's world, money talks. I really kinda felt bad for the guy Veronica was investigating. He seemed like a nice enough fella, even if he was randomly friends with Nic Cage. I understood why Veronica took the gig, even before she said, "The only way I'd ever make two grand a week at the hut is if they installed a pole." She's gotta prove something to Keith. The sheriff may see everything, like the fact that his daughter spent the night with her boyfriend, but he's kind of blind to her inherited sleuthing skills. It's almost like Inspector Gadget and Penny, but at least Keith isn't quite so bumbling and inept. It would be cool if he had an umbrella hat though. Hey, at least he's trying, which is more than Veronica can really say for most of the men in her life. Duncan is either feeling guilty about Meg or still has feelings for the comatose girl who, pre-accident, was clearly subject to her parents' controlling nature, and seems not to care that it is causing a slow-growing rift with his current girlfriend. Logan is being all deliciously wicked with his tormenting of his perky blonde ex and throwing a life's-short party. Loved his mustache twirling and his assumption that if Veronica wanted something from him, it was sex. And Weevil and his posse seemed to be more interested in nosing around in Veronica's business than actually helping her. Their encounter did lead to the line of the night when Veronica wittily inquired about his choice in bling: "What's up with the hoops? If I rub your head, do I get three wishes?"

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