Sorry, Pulp Fiction fans. If you plan to see Basic this weekend 'cause it's the first time Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta have done a film together since Quentin Tarantino's 1994 cult hit, you'll be sorely disappointed. In this army base whodunit, the duo doesn't share enough screen time to say "Royale with Cheese." Was Travolta disappointed?

"Oh, probably," he admits to TV Guide Online, "but it worked even in parallel. I felt like, as long as you were seeing a scene with me, a scene with Sam, then a scene with me, it worked on its own level."

At least they chilled together off-screen. "Sam and I just have this thing where we're very relaxed with each other," Travolta says. "We have the 'hang' energy."

Speaking of the role that relaunched his career, Travolta confirms Tarantino may bring his gangster character, Vincent Vega, back from the dead in a Pulp prequel of sorts, co-starring Reservoir Dogs's Michael Madsen. "I think it's something that Quentin created as a possibility," he says. "But of course, I would never put too much on it, because he really luxuriates in his career. He takes [his] time."

Let's hope Tarantino makes a move before the actor has a chance to do something foolish, like make a follow-up to sci-fi mega-flop Battlefield Earth. "There are so many of my movies that beg for sequels," he says, dead seriously. "It's really dependent on the filmmakers and the financiers. I know Get Shorty, General's Daughter, Battlefield Earth... they're all kind of waiting to happen." Earth to John...