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Top Moments: Kate Gosselin on Today and Jimmy and Bruce's Traffic Jam

Our top moments of the week:

Joyce Eng, Kate Stanhope

Our top moments of the week:

14. Most Welcome Return: After a few episodes of moping and drinking away his blues, Person of Interestfinally gets The Man in the Suit back in the action. After the Machine bypasses the usual channels to get Mr. Reese on a plane with the creator of the Black Market — an Internet safe zone for the illegal trading and selling of drugs, weapons, etc. — Reese has to go all "killer at 30,000 feet" to protect the geeky criminal — and the rest of the passengers — from dying in an awful crash. Once the day is saved, however, Reese and Finch meet up overseas to discuss the future of their partnership. It's tense for a while before Reese finally breaks. "While I'm Italy, I thought I'd get fitted for a new suit." Good to you have back!

13. Worst Face-Saving: After they hooked up at The Mindy Project's office Christmas party, Peter thinks he's falling in love with Maria Menounos. However, when Peter visits her on set, he finds out from Pat O'Brien of all people that she's on vacation in Hawaii with her boyfriend. When Peter tries to enter the hot set, O'Brien kicks him in the face and has security detain him when Peter innocently reaches into his pocket for what O'Brien thinks is a gun. Look, Maria! Peter's a TV star now!

12. Best Goodbye, Part I:  On Law & Order: SVU, Capt. Cragen announces that he's done and leaving the NYPD to go on a cruise around the world with his new love Eileen. The longtime captain has nice words for every member of the squad, but he gives the best advice to his successor, Olivia, as he leaves. "Do something with the place, will ya?" Next week on SVU: a killer new interior design!

11. Best Save the Date: Although the return (and continued suspicion) of Castle's CIA-agent father took up most of the oxygen on this week's Castle, we can't overlook the major development that Castle and Beckett make on the wedding front. When they are both unable to find a time of year that works for their busy schedules, Martha suggests that they go down to City Hall and just make it official. And while they both balk at that suggestion (boo!) after Castle once again feels used by his father ("I keep making the mistake, thinking he's family," Castle tells Beckett. "You are my family."), he decides that September is the perfect time to get married, book tour be damned. So, when can we expect our invitations?

10. Most "Touching" Fan Interaction: Harry Connick Jr. is "embracing" his new gig as American Idol judge very seriously. On Wednesday's premiere, 19-year-old Texas student Munfarid Zaidi professes his love for the jazz crooner, who promptly makes him an offer: If the judges like Munfarid's first song, then Connick will cradle the contestant in his arms during the second song. Munfarid gets his second song, along with an intimate cuddle with his hero on national television. He'll never wash those clothes again!

9. Most Powerful Reveal: So maybe Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.is a little super after all. When Melinda May and Coulson find the partner of the dead agent who dropped Skye off at an orphanage, they find out that she's actually an "084" — an unclassified object or person who may wield powers. Skye's whole family was slaughtered, and she was put in the foster system to protect her from a similar fate. Certainly a better reveal than the fact that Coulson is... dun-dun-DUN... just, like, a human male.

8. Best Serenade: Jimmy Fallon isn't the only slow-jam fan. After Marshall cashes in on his penultimate slap on How I Met Your Mother, he brings out... Boyz II Men to serenade a bruised and battered Barney with "You Just Got Slapped" in a forest, while the rest of the gang dance in the background. It's totally random and weird, but their soothing harmonies must ease the pain. Now who will Marshall recruit for the final slap?

7. Cruelest Twist: Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The terrorist drone attack on last week's episode of NCIS kills six people and leaves McGee's girlfriend Delilah paralyzed. A shell-shocked, guilt-ridden McGee is initially in denial about the situation and insists that he's ready to get back to work, but Dr. Cranston thinks otherwise. It's only when Gibbs confronts him about the devastating news that McGee finally faces facts and accepts the situation for what it is. But will he stick with Delilah through her recovery? Their relationship hasn't played a huge role so far this season, but we're guessing it's about to.

6. Worst Hangover: On The Bachelor, it doesn't take long before one of the women gets drunk and belligerent. During the latter half of the season's first group date, Victoria downs a few too many cocktails and winds up in the bathroom crying and screaming, "F--- you, Juan Pablo." Needless to say, after sleeping solo in a hotel room that night, Juan Pablo comes in the next morning and lets her go. Mimosa, anyone?

5. Biggest "Good Riddance" Exit: Nashville dumps its soapiest storyline by killing off Peggy, the manipulative pregnancy-faker who dug her claws into Teddy and held on tighter than a bull rider in the ring. Her proximity to the mayor comes back to bite her when she ends up intercepting a bullet meant for Teddy. We're glad the midseason cliff-hanger is resolved, but we still have questions: Was the man who shot at Teddy really working alone? Are Rayna and the girls in danger too? And will he ever find out about Peggy's deception?

4. Best Goodbye, Part 2: One thing this week's Communitymade clear: Pierce might have been a crazy old coot, but he was also a great friend. After passing the polygraph, it's revealed that Pierce left Troy his remaining shares in Hawthorne Wipes (and the obligatory sperm, of course). But for Troy to claim the $14.3 million, he needs to sail Pierce's boat around the world. "I think he knew something about me that even I didn't know until now because he's been offering me something I've been searching for my whole life: millions of dollars. And being a man, or whatever he said," Troy says of his decision to leave Greendale — and Abed — behind. To quote the man himself: my emotions!

3. Most Disturbing Act: Downton Abbey, have you no mercy? Last season fans were forced to mourn the loss of two beloved characters and in Sunday's episode, two of the show's most kind-hearted souls are sexually assaulted. Anna's violent rape by a visiting valet is viscerally shocking, but Branson's assault is equally disturbing. Newly reinstated maid Edna plies the vulnerable widower with alcohol, waits until he is presumably asleep or barely conscious and sneaks into his room to take advantage of him. We hope both Anna and Branson get justice, but we aren't holding our breath.

2. Best Remake: Just days after (formerly beloved) New Jersey Governor Chris Christie publicly apologizes — well, kind of — for his administration's involvement in the unlawful George Washington Bridge lane closures, Jimmy Fallon teams up with the Garden State's golden boy, Bruce Springsteen, to offer a hilarious remake of Springsteen's classic "Born to Run." The song, now called "Governor Chris Christie's Fort Lee New Jersey Traffic Jam," roasts Christie for his actions with biting lyrics like: "Maybe this Bridgegate was just payback/It's a b--- slap to the state Democrats/We gotta get out but we can't/We're stuck in Governor Chris Christie's Fort Lee New Jersey traffic jam." At least New Jerseyans will have something to listen to in traffic.

1. Worst Interview: Kate Gosselin's Today show interview (read: damage control) with her 13-year-old twin daughters Mady and Cara gets super-awkward after the girls hesitate to answer Savannah Guthrie's question about how they are doing. "Mady, your words," Gosselin scolds and claps her hands. "It's your chance. Spit it out." Guthrie tries to alleviate the tension by posing the question to Cara, who also stays silent. "I don't want to speak for them, but Mady, go ahead," Gosselin chimes in. "[Y]ears later they're good, they're fine. ... Go for it, Mady. "No, you just said it," Mady replies brusquely. Looks like some things never change!

What were your top moments?