The Amazing Race The Amazing Race

Amazing Race 17
8/7c CBS
Will Amazing Race history be made tonight? Two teams, Home Shopping hosts Brook and Claire, and doctors Nat and Kat, have the chance to become the first all-female pair to win the $1 million top prize in the show's 17 seasons. But dating couple Jill and Thomas don't care about history, and will try to keep the four formidable ladies from reaching the finish line first as the final three teams dash to the last mat in Los Angeles. — Tim Holland

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Sunday Night Football
8:15/7:15c NBC
NFC East rivals Philadelphia and Dallas clash at Cowboys Stadium. With four games remaining, the 4-8 Cowboys have no chance of winning the division; but with three of those four games against division opponents (two are against the Eagles), they certainly can have an impact on who does. Winning three of the last four games, interim head coach Jason Garrett appears to have attatched the jumper cables to this team's competitive instincts, and a victory tonight against Michael Vick and the high-flying Birds would make all legit playoff teams glad the Cowboys are out of contention. — Dave Roeder

9/8c Showtime
Season 5 has certainly been a wild roller-coaster ride, what with Dexter dealing with the aftermath of Rita's murder, his meeting and getting involved with Lumen (Julia Stiles), and the two of them stalking her abductors and attackers...while the investigation into the Barrel Girls case continues. And in tonight's season finale, things come to a head when a character gets bumped off, and the life of someone close to Dexter hangs in the balance. He sniffs out a trap being set for him, and must do everything in his power to avoid getting caught in it. — Ray Stackhouse

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Wishful Drinking9/8c HBO As the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher (1928-2010), Carrie Fisher was born into Hollywood royalty, played a princess in the early Star Wars films and romanced noble entertainers such as singer Paul Simon, but her extraordinary life is not without its ordinary problems. In this witty, heartfelt adaptation of her autobiographical stage show, Fisher pokes fun at her childhood, her parents and the cult of celebrity, and candidly discusses her battles with addiction and mental illness. — Joe FriedrichDesperate Housewives9/8c ABC That Paul Young's one devious guy: His halfway-house revenge plot might just turn Wisteria Lane into a civil-war zone with as many fronts as there are residents, and it could end very badly for one particularly desperate housewife (Susan) tonight, before the three-week holiday hiatus begins. And that isn't the only reason why they'll need a break. Gaby's going to have to deal with the fallout when Juanita learns about who her birth mother is; Bree and Keith must contend with last week's wedding-proposal fiasco; and for the Scavos there's Renee's assertion that Tom was "the love of my life." — Paul Droesch

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Marry Me9/8c Lifetime Lucy Liu stars as Rae Ann Carter in a holiday romance that features not one, but three, Prince Charmings.  As a woman caught among several suitors, the wedding of Rae Ann's dreams is bound to happen. She only has one hurdle left to clear: She must choose the man to make her happily ever after. Steve Pasquale, Enrique Murciano, Bobby Cannavale and Annie Potts also star in this two-night drama. — Rhoda CharlesBrothers & Sisters10:01/9:01c ABC The "War on Christmas" starts making headlines this time of year, but it's a war over Christmas tonight when Nora impulsively takes off on a holiday getaway with Karl. This means her kids are left behind to see who can create the best new tradition, and it doesn't take long for the ultracompetitive Walkers to turn Christmas into a contact sport. Meanwhile, Saul is surprised to run into a lover (Richard Chamberlain) from his past who has a profound effect on his present — and maybe his future? — Joe Friedrich