In Plain Sight In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight
10/9c USA
Season 3 ends with a disturbing episode in which Mary has to protect a priest who witnessed a stripper's murder. And her job is made even more difficult when she realizes that the priest is obsessed with saving another woman from a similar fate. Meanwhile, Brandi moves in with Peter, and Stan tells a dead witness's daughter the real facts about her father's absence. The episode also features the presence of Steven Weber, who reprises his role as FBI agent Mike Faber. — Jack Rodgers

7 a.m./6c ESPN2
There has been a lot to talk about in London so far this tournament. In addition to hot, dry days, there was the justifiably ballyhooed 11-hour marathon between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut that featured a 70-68 finale to the fifth set, and the first appearance at Wimbledon by the queen in 33 years. Moving on to the matter of winning this Grand Slam event, eight men take the court today for quarterfinals, with semis set for Friday, and the championship match for Sunday. — Dave Roeder

Bridal Bootcamp
10/9c VH1
With the wedding flowers of their dreams on the line, brides-to-be wrestle inside a giant wedding cake. But one team goes too far (though you might wonder how something like wedding-cake wrestling could go wrong) and the action spills over outside the ring. (Yes, the ring: Where else would you put a giant wedding cake so brides-to-be can wrestle?) — Fred Mitchell

Cougar Town
9:30/8:30c ABC
Lisa Kudrow was the first of the Friends cast to guest star on Courteney Cox's new show, but don't expect to see anyone resembling sweet, daffy Phoebe in this January repeat . Instead, she portrays a prickly dermatologist, and Jules and Ellie willingly endure her unpleasant demeanor during their consultations because she's known for doing fantastic work. But when the doctor takes a liking to Jules' ex-husband, Jules leaps into protective mode, and it becomes a battle of the cougar vs. the "Smelly Cat" songstress. — Jennifer Sankowski

Real World
10/9c MTV
The long-running reality series returns to the Big Easy for its 24th season as eight sexy strangers move into a posh pad and get to know one another. It would be an understatement to say that there have been a lot of changes in New Orleans since the ninth season of the "Real World" was filmed there 10 years ago. What does remain is a beautiful and resilient city celebrated for its tolerance and party spirit, two traits every cast member should bring along. — Karen Andzejewicz

Man Shops Globe
10/9c Sundance 
Keith Johnson has one very cool job. As a buyer for the Anthropologie specialty retail chain of stores he gets to traverse the planet and haunt flea-and-street markets, bazaars, craft shows and festivals questing for eclectic merchandise. The job is more than just buying Scotch in Scotland or tuna in Tunisia or ties in Thailand. Although in the Season 2 opener, Keith and textile designer David Earp traipse to Thailand to shop for the "inky, delicious blue" of hard-to-find indigo fabrics. — Ray Stackhouse

Locked Up Abroad
10/9c National Geographic
Billy Hayes' Turkish prison escape wasn't quite as dramatic as the one portrayed in Oliver Stone's Oscar-winning Midnight Express screenplay, but his recollections in this riveting Season 4 opener are no less memorable. Hayes, imprisoned four decades ago for smuggling hashish (he thought himself too clever to be caught), recounts his ordeal with equal measures of regret and spunk. The latter quality clearly sparked his unlikely, death-defying journey to freedom — one that came only after his incarceration nearly broke his spirit...and his parents' hearts. Like the 1978 film it inspired, Hayes' story stays with you. — Stuart Michaelson