Ghost Whisperer Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer
8/7c CBS
Melinda has always been the mediator and helper, but, as the season nears its end, it's clear that Melinda is becoming the one in need of rescuing from forces beyond this world. In this episode, she comes to the aid of a ghost who turns up alive. In the process, she finds herself in the center of a revenge plot and discovers enemies she never knew she had. — Bill Ecklund


8/7c CW
The ninth season comes to a climatic end as Clark and Zod take off the gloves and battle for Earth. With Zod's army running amok, Chloe calls on old friends to stave them off while she and Oliver try to reconnect the Watchtower satellites. Things go horribly wrong, however, when Oliver disappears. Meanwhile, a confused Lois is caught in the middle when Zod claims to be the Blur and asks her to snag the Book of Rao from Clark, who continues to be discreet with his secrets. — Rhoda Charles

Stargate Universe
9/8c Syfy
If circumstances thrust you onto a runaway spaceship with little-to-no hope of returning you home to Earth, you might freak out just a little, too. Question: What could make you freak out even more? Answer: suffering vivid hallucinations on the aforementioned spaceship. Tamara Johansen (Alaina Huffman) quarantines the folks who are seeing things that aren't really there while trying to get to the bottom of the mystery ailment. — Michael Chant

Not Going Out
9:40/8:40c BBC America
It's been nearly two years since the second season of this amusing Britcom wrapped up on BBC America. When we last left off, Lucy left Guy after he proposed on their romantic getaway. Despite playing no small part in sabotaging that relationship, the always ambitionless Lee still has no real plan to address his feelings for the now-single Lucy in the Season 3 premiere. But she has some exciting news: She's pregnant. And that has Lee wondering if he could possibly be the father. — Karen Andzejewicz

10/9c Syfy
Morgana worries that her witchy ways will lead to a date with a stake when, in a bid to finally snuff out sorcery, Uther brings in a legendary witchfinder (Charles Dance) to root out all magic men and women who call Camelot home. On the other hand, Merlin being Merlin means that he'll do what it takes to protect himself, Gaius and Morgana and hopefully avoid a char-broiled future. — Jeff Gemmill

Live From Abbey Road
8/7c Sundance
Studio performances by three diverse talents get the joint rockin' and poppin'. Must-see numbers feature Michael Bublé, who brings a Rat Pack swagger to the finger-snapping "Just Haven't Met You Yet," while Brit pop songstress Little Boots kicks it into high gear with the vibrant, electronica-infused "New in Town." Aussie rockers the Temper Trap, driven by the expressive, powerful vocals of lead singer Dougy Mandagi, rip through a bouncy "Fader." — Ray Stackhouse

NASCAR Hall of Fame Biography
11/10c Speed
Few names get NASCAR fans more emotional than that of Dale Earnhardt, a black hat early in his career before gradually building massive appeal for his aggressive racing style and throwback image, especially when the clean-cut Jeff Gordon arrived on the scene in the '90s. "The Intimidator" is the subject of the last of five profiles in SPEED's series on the inaugural class of inductees into the Hall of Fame in Charlotte. Earnhardt's tragic death at the 2001 Daytona 500 led to updated head-and-neck restraints and track barriers, while his car's No. 3 was retired (with the exception of a tribute by Dale Jr. this July 2). — Roger Leister