Vampire Diaries Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries
8/7c CW
Isobel and John (who were revealed to be Elena's real birth parents last week) attempt to carry out their devious plan to kill Stefan and Damon in the first-season finale. Everything comes crashing down as Mystic Falls celebrates its annual Founder's Day event, with Caroline leading the festivities as the reigning queen. And, of course, there is tension between Elena and Bonnie since Bonnie didn't remove the spell from the deadly device that can harm vampires like she promised. This is one festival that is sure to end with lots of fireworks. — Tim Holland

9/8c Fox
Near the end of last week's episode, it looked like Peter was going to be reunited with Walter after a brief estrangement. But who knew it would be with his actual father, aka Walternate? Well, whatever happens next in the first of a two-part Season 2 finale can't be good, but it's clear that Peter will play a role in a showdown between the two universes. And speaking of reunions, it's hard to imagine the highly anticipated one between Walter and old pal William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) being all that chummy. — Joe Friedrich

Parks and Recreation
8:30/5:30c NBC
This seriously underrated comedy wraps up its second season next week, but first, the stellar ensemble cast gets even stronger with the arrival of Rob Lowe and Adam Scott (Party Down), who play state auditors tasked with getting a nearly bankrupt Pawnee back on track. They promptly get on Leslie's bad side by slashing the budget of the Parks and Recreation department, which doesn't bode well for her "master plan." — Karen Andzejewicz

Private Practice
10:01/9:01c ABC
You just knew that when Addison told Dell to "drive safely" last week something bad would happen and, whaddaya know, we have a life-and-death crisis worthy of a season finale. Too bad it's Maya, poor kid. She has had a tough season, getting pregnant and all, and now she and her baby must fight for their lives. Sadly, ABC's release for the episode proclaims: "The staff's world gets rocked by an unexpected death." But does that mean Maya? Her baby? Or someone else? And in the romance department: Who'll it be, Charlotte — Cooper or Sheldon? — Paul Droesch

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
9/8c CBS
Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne) has been investigating the so-called Dr. Jekyll serial murders for months now, and in the first of a two-part season finale, he gets closer to discovering the identity of the killer. And the suspect may be closer than he realizes. That's because a former colleague implicates Ray in the case. Sure, Ray has exhibited some odd behavior at times, but is he a cold-blooded killer? — Tim Holland

Grey's Anatomy
9/8c ABC
Well, Alex and Izzie are officially pfft (and Katherine Heigl is officially off the show) so he's officially free to pursue Lexie, but he'll be occupied tonight with one very troubled teenager who could kill herself at any time. Demi Lovato plays the girl, and Marion Ross plays a patient who runs into an old lover in the ER. Meanwhile, the Cristina-Owen powder keg is ticking, and with only one episode left before next week's season finale, will it be Meredith who lights the match? — Paul Droesch

Total Recall: The Toyota Story
10/9c CNBC
This look at the Toyota scandal details how the company's push to expand its global business may have played a part in its recent problems, which include quality-control issues, possible fatalities due to sudden acceleration in its vehicles, bad press, recalls, a Congressional scolding and a $16.4 million fine. — Jeff Gemmill