In Plain Sight In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight
10/9c USA
The third-season premiere proves that there's no rest for the weary, especially for Mary Shannon. After being released from the hospital with a fresh battle wound, Mary jumps right back into work, keeping an eye on a Boston thief who's trying to stay on the straight-and-narrow for the sake of his son. But she and Marshall also have something else on their to-do lists: hunting down the man who shot Mary. Donnie Wahlberg guest-stars. — Brie Hearn

American Idol

9/8c Fox
 Last night's performance showcase ushered in yet another musical theme, with soul and R&B being the rules of the day and R&B guru Usher (who performs tonight) serving as musical mentor. The remaining singers are hitting happy high notes knowing they've now secured a special slot on the Idol summer tour, but one of them will soon be singing the blues. In this results installment, one finalist will join the already dearly departed Lacey Brown and Paige Miles in the ousted category. — Dean Maurer

It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown
8/7c ABC
Roll over, Great Pumpkin. Linus has a new holiday savior, and he's none other than an egg-bearing canine in this adorable, Emmy-nominated treat from 1974. While definitely not as memorable as the Christmas or Halloween specials, there is a certain spring in the spring outing's step, and Snoopy's birdhouse-shopping sequences are a must-see for any self-respecting Woodstock fan.

Real World
10/9c MTV
Another season of the perennial reality show wraps up as the seven remaining roomies pack their bags and go back to where they came from. At the end of the finale, you may be wondering what's happened since the cameras stopped rolling. Are Mike and Tanner still together? Did Josh ever learn to sing? Is Erika still incredibly annoying? Find out the answers to those questions and more in the reunion that follows at 11/10c. — Karen Andzejewicz

America's Next Top Model
8/7c CW
Last week Brenda barely avoided elimination because — at 23 — she photographs old! That's the kiss of death on Top Model. Tonight, in an attempt to make her look younger, she gets a new punk haircut. It definitely makes her look more youthful, and it should help her at the bloody photo shoot as the girls pose as vampires. There's also a nasty shouting match between Alasia and Anslee that starts out innocently enough over a refrigerated item and turns into a finger-pointing, expletive-spewing showdown. — Tim Holland