House House

8/7c Fox
Always the dutiful, if fitful, sidekick, Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) gets an episode of his very own. You'll get a peek at the oncology ward, meet his staff and even see him face an ethical dilemma that doesn't involve House (though House does get involved) when he treats an old friend (Joshua Malina) whom he thought no longer needed his professional services. Meanwhile, this is the last episode of the year, so you'll have to live with its Huddy (Luddy?) developments until January. — Paul Droesch


8/7c NBC
Last week's episode ended with Claire and Gretchen embarking on a road trip to wrap up their Thanksgiving break. But this particular trip could spell disaster for the recently reunited pair as they head straight for Samuel's carnival. Things are equally perilous for Peter, who decides to have a showdown with Sylar once and for all. And considering that tonight is rumored to be Adrian Pasdar's last appearance on the show, viewers can expect an eventful meeting between the pair. — Brie Hearn

Shrek the Halls
8:30/7:30c ABC
In this 2007 holiday special, the green guy is preparing to celebrate his expanded family's first Christmas, but that doesn't mean he's softening up. In fact, visits by Donkey, Puss in Boots, and Gingy soon spiral this celebration totally out of control, leaving Shrek none too merry. With the same voice cast from the movies (including Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas), this top-notch production is a welcome Yuletide treat.

10/9c A&E
The series that tells the often heartbreaking stories of people trapped by their compulsion to hoard things returns for a second season. The lives of those profiled no doubt elicit compassion from viewers, but this season opener is a story of compassion in and of itself. It follows the efforts of an adult son to help his mother, whose compulsive behavior led to the son's removal from the home 14 years earlier. — Bill Ecklund

Cake Boss
9/8c TLC
The Carlo's Bakery crew is tasked with creating a confection for the Major League Eating franchise, which gives the bakery heavyweights the not-so-bright idea to have their own eating contest, which they'll no doubt regret. And poor Frankie may also be filled with regret after letting the guys in on one of his biggest fears while working on a cake for the Coney Island Circus Sideshow. — Karen Andzejewicz