The Secret Life of the American Teenager The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life of the American Teenager
8/7c ABC Family
Today is Labor Day, so what better day for Anne to go into labor? There's just one little snag: Anne's labor is not very long — in fact, she may not even make it to the hospital on time! And though Anne and George are now back together, relationship problems currently plague several other couples in this mid-season finale, including Amy and Ben, Grace and Jack, and Ricky and Adrian. One couple even try counseling, while another hit a wall that they just can't seem to get past. — Jennifer Sankowski

The Last Truck: The Closing of a GM Plant
9/8c  HBO
Labor Day is a celebration of the working class, but it's a bittersweet affair with tonight's premiere of this 2009 documentary about the final days at a General Motors factory. The SUV plant in Moraine, Ohio, closed its doors two days before Christmas in 2008, and directors Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert spent the preceding months interviewing its employees, many of whom had never worked anywhere else, who are unanimous in their analogies of the facility's expiration to a close-knit family torn apart. — Joe Friedrich

9/8c ABC Family
Kadeem Hardison returns to college — only it's A Different World for him this time around, because now he's portraying a college student's father. The Cyprus-Rhodes campus is full of fathers tonight as ZBZ hosts Daddy-Daughter Weekend. Hardison is on hand as Ashleigh's father, and he's joined by fellow guest stars Thomas Calabro (Rebecca's dad), Tom Amandes (Jordan's dad) and Jerry Lambert (Casey's dad). The dads discover there's always drama at the ZBZ house, and soon they become a part of it. — Jennifer Sankowski

9/8c History
Last month marked the 40th anniversary of one of the most gruesome crimes in American history: the 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders, carried out under the orders of cult leader Charles Manson. This 2009 docudrama recalls the grisly events, and includes archival footage and an interview with former "Manson Family" member Linda Kasabian. — Bill Ecklund

Rachel Zoe Project
10/9c Bravo
The Zoe show continues its second season of fashion passion. Red-carpet pressure spikes tonight when Rachel turns to bespectacled staffer Brad for a high-stress, high-fashion job. A stunned Brad now has full responsibility to style actress Anne Hathaway for filmdom's most crucial night — the Academy Awards. Meanwhile, Team Zoe will Liv it up: Starlet Liv Tyler arrives at the studio seeking to update her wardrobe. — Dean Maurer