James Murray, Primeval James Murray, Primeval

9 pm/ET BBC America
The second season of this hit sci-fi series comes to a close with an action-packed finale that finds Cutter and crew trapped inside an abandoned Ministry of Defense base filled with an army of prehistoric and futuristic beasts that the devilish Leek is planning to unleash across Britain. Yikes! They're definitely in over their heads this time, and at least one team member won't be making it out alive. - Karin Andzejewicz

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Saturday Night Live
11:29 pm/ET NBC
Big Ben keeps on ticking. It's time for actor and Oscar-winning screenwriter (for 1997's Good Will Hunting) Ben Affleck to take on hosting duties. And time is on SNL's side, too: With the big election only three days away, it's a perfect moment for more of the late-night laugher's usual on-target political satire tonight. From Darrell Hammond's hilarious take on John McCain to Tina Fey's recurring, dead-on lampoon of Sarah Palin, this show has gotten our vote all season long. On the music stage: rocker and American Idol winner David Cook. - Dean Maurer

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8 pm/ET Fox
Unless you're a really good actor, playing dumb is not the most effective method for getting out of trouble. But that doesn't stop a suspect from trying this technique with California police who respond to a "shots fired" call. Elsewhere, Las Vegas officers find themselves breaking up a lovers' quarrel when they respond to a domestic-disturbance call. - Jennifer Sankowski

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Austin City Limits
9 pm/ET PBS
Over the past decade, Kentucky's My Morning Jacket has morphed from country-tinged Neil Young soundalikes to a full-formed rock band comfortable in just about any genre, from electro-funk to pop. Here they showcase those abilities and more with songs from Evil Urges, their critically acclaimed 2008 album. - Jeff Gemmill

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My Big Redneck Wedding
9 pm/ET CMT
Shawna and Vince from Sprague, Wash., are looking for just two things from getting married: One is an excuse for a really good party, and the other is a way to blend their large family. Anything else, as they say, is gravy. - Fred Mitchell

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